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This is how we roll....  I get asked often how the whole "married" thing works so I thought I would explain it.  We consider ourselves swingers.  Or another term would be "Open".  For US, that means that we are both well taken care of at home, but have th
Frosti · 993 days ago

Pet Peaves....   This is just me and not a representation of other women (although Im sure a few would agree), but things you should probably know if you ever hope to get the opportunity to melt me.    1.  "Greetings"... what is the point of a greeting?  S
Frosti · 1066 days ago

    1. Do not assume that all women want to immediately have sex with you because we are so won over by your tact, wit, charm, personality and stunning good looks. *note that the key words are bolded.   2. Do treat a lady with respect. We don't want to be
justlQQkin · 1061 days ago

It's interesting to me when I discover what characteristics in people I find sexy. The definition of sexy seems to change as consistently as a clock, and I've found that most of what I find sexy depends more on my own mood and situation than on the person
Pete · 920 days ago

Some of you may have read my profile and wondered what what I mean when I say I'm "heteroflexible". It causes confusion sometimes about which way I swing. This blog entry is to explain to you what is heteroflexibility and why I consider myself to be this.
DaddyVee · 1058 days ago

  Oh fuck, here we go again.  Things that REALLY piss me off!!     .        Screen Names:  We have screen names for a damn reason.  If we wanted to be referred to by our real names in a public setting we would not have taken the time to come up with screen
Frosti · 960 days ago

Is it wrong that I want to get paid to be your girlfriend?  Is it wrong I am a freak at heart and want to share it with the world?  Is it even worse that I would love to travel and put on live shows all over the country?  Am I a nympho?  Why am I so intere
Phatbttmgurl · 629 days ago

Yep, its true.  Im a slut.  A very good friend of mine today told me so lol.  Yes, he's still a friend, but then of course he knows that being called a slut... by the right person... at the right time... will damn near make me squirt.     So I asked him to
Frosti · 1042 days ago

What Im looking for….   I get asked a lot what Im looking for... what I like… what turns me on, etc.  Maybe its time to just sit here and put it all down in a blog for you all to read.  But where to start?   What Im Looking For:  A long term FWB.  We all k
Frosti · 873 days ago

.... My heart was pounding and my mind racing.  Here was my husband and his friend "K" sitting calmly on my couch viewing pictures of my sex with a complete "stranger" experience.  "K" was smiling and sipping on a beer.  "S" (my husband) had a huge grin on
Frosti · 1057 days ago
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