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Going to broadcast again soon...Was thinking Tuesday or Wednesday night....Any input?
Lady_Stark · 10 days ago

Check your spam folder. Then, check your email address.  Yahoo is blocking our emails, and there's not much we can do for a quick fix.  However, Gmail addresses are FREE, and work just fine.
Lady_Stark · 40 days ago

Well, crashed. And HARD. A lot of pictures and videos are gone, and some people are having to rejoin.  That is the bad news. The good news is, Ronnie has decided, for the next 30 days, everyone who joins BBWKisses, or is already a member of B
Lady_Stark · 52 days ago

The site crashed, and we are in a 2013 version of BBWKisses.  If you had added pics in the last 3 years, they poofed when the server died. Pamela did a great job of recovering all the sites, but sometimes when sites crash hard, there is loss. So right now
Lady_Stark · 57 days ago

"You know what, Marques, I'm gone. I'm tired of your shit. Move!" FreezeEvery time I try to leave, he keeps pulling me back. Even when I fight, I still fall weak to him. I mean I know he's not good for me, but he's good to me and makes me feel like nothing
verbalorgasm · 788 days ago

Needing YouIt's 2 a.m. and I'm waken to the thought of pleasing youTasting youMaking you my midnight snackLike if the taste of you is something I lack.Still wrapped in my embraceWith sleep on your faceMy hands start to become friendlyAnd your nakedness giv
verbalorgasm · 790 days ago

Is it wrong that I want to get paid to be your girlfriend?  Is it wrong I am a freak at heart and want to share it with the world?  Is it even worse that I would love to travel and put on live shows all over the country?  Am I a nympho?  Why am I so intere
Phatbttmgurl · 879 days ago

Dear BBWKisses Partygoers, I have two pieces of sad news I need to pass on to any of you who attend parties in L.A. and San Diego. I have put off writing this e-mail because it's nothing I'm happy about. If you don't go to parties in L.A. or San Di
admin · 902 days ago

There are a few things I feel a majority of men at parties need to know, both to make it more likely that they get lucky and also to make it a more enjoyable experience for the ladies.     1. Bring your own condoms: I feel like this one would be a given
TardisFucker · 944 days ago

Dreaming I lay my face on pillow, thinking, dreaming You were once a fantasy, a figment Now things are different, your’e closer If ever I could be better, it be with you, always Eyes closed, lids heavy, hands folded Wishing for your touch Your skin, your a
Liquid_Diaries · 959 days ago
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