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There's something exciting, thrilling and nerve-racking about anonymous sex.  I mean, one-night stands are probably just as old as the act of prostitution, but nevertheless, remain pleasantly sought after.  Who doesn't want the chance to meet up someone an
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It was prom night.  And although prom had been a pretty spectacular event with an even better turn out, I was more concern with the after prom party.  I had spent 3 weeks planning the after prom.  25 of of friends and I rented 2 rooms for the night at a ha
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K picked me up to "meet" his friend T* one Saturday morning well before the sun had a chance to rise. The streets were dark, movement was minimal and all the sounds that we were going to hear were the ones we were going to be make. When I slide inside his
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I lost my virginity when I was 17. At school.  To the swim coach's assistant.  He was 27.  It wasn't romantic -- flirtatious, yes -- but nothing special.   One day I had decided not to get dress for my swimming class but still hang out at the pool and he w
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I really began exploring sex around the age of 16.  I was a well-endowed teenager, still a virgin but feel curious to experience sex and know what it felt like.  But at the same time, I didn't want to end up with any of the negative consequences sex could
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It wasn't quite dawn although it was slightly past 6.  The two of them walked in and said their morning greetings, then began to quickly undress.  They had messaged moments earlier they were right outside the door.  I had just finished showering and hadn't
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I enjoy a good fisting session when done right, but I instantly know when it's going to be horrible on the how my pussy is treated.  Let's get one thing one straight: if you try to put your whole hand in or four of your fingers and just start pumping... YO
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It has been almost a month since I moved up here to Fallon and so far it has been a really good choice. Since I moved here, I have felt such a weight lifted off of me because I was drowning in Southern California from worries about living situations, job s
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Life is Great at 58 Even though I'm all alone At least I still have some Friends That call me on the phone No woman in my life No kissing hugs or sex At least I have masturbation For now it is the Best So much Stamina I don't know what to do Only Rosie kno
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Here I find myself 58 and single. For most of my adult life (after 30) I have always been in some sort of LTR. Now I find myself 2 years without any type of sensual/sexual connection with a woman and it is driving me Crazy!!! I want and need to touch a wom
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