HoneyLips: Swinger parties!!! Adulting at its best 😈
2d ago
Cleopatra: No need to block me cmal? I don't know you and trust I'm not intersted
2d ago
malecali: I miss out on some drama?
2d ago
Lady_Stark: Don
2d ago
Lady_Stark: Don't worry about missing out, we will have more ;)
2d ago
CC007: Less Drama...More Sex ;)
2d ago
Yellowmamba: agreed
2d ago
Lady_Stark: Yes CC!
2d ago
GARNET: I am a huge fan of Punctuality!!! Will turn cold as ice, when someone keeps changing dates and times. This, is my rant!
2d ago
MrD_909: Uh oh
2d ago
SDNeal: yeah CC i agree cast away the drama
2d ago
CC007: Yes indeed...the venting for me started weeks ago from what others were telling me about what they saw at the last few parties up here in L.A. I'm sure the Mira Mesa one was killer, but last time I'll say it since it's been addressed PLEASE HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE BBW THEMED PARTY!! :) :) :) Thank you BBWKisses :)
2d ago
2d ago
MaDameMozelle: and CC007 you are a blocked profile so what you hiding? They come to meet and fgreets at bars because most are so fucking self concious of their bodies TRUEWORDS
2d ago
Lady_Stark: Too early for negativity. Play nice.
2d ago
MrD_909: I only went to one party but I thought it was kinda obvious the girls are uncomfortable due to the atmosphere. Guys are looking for a nut and not being very respectful of the women and treating them like cum buckets and not actual people. I mean that's just my perspective.
ervetguy: meet n greet at happy hour
GARNET: OMG!!! WTF!!!! WHat is wrong with people?! And I am not talking about the discussion in here already going on!!!
CC007: Garnet...hope everything's alright.... MaDameMoz...you're funny :) wow...had no idea where that came from, but o.k. I have a question for you...what has you so convinced that BBW's wouldn't come out for an exclusive party?. It's been well over a year since the last one was held...on the recent poll here, 85.9%(79 votes) say they want one. Ronnie already addressed this(which we all appreciate), and we'll see what happens. Are there any BBW's on here that self concious about their bodies in general?!?. As for my profile being set to blocked, I think you mean mine's probably set to Friend's only. I'm not hiding anything. TRUEWORDS ;)
GARNET: A "suitor" keeps changing times on me, and confusing me, and I am getting highly Irritated!!!
GARNET: I have a temper... Irish in me and all..
CC007: Garnet: Oh no...sorry, not good...
hockeypat87: I'd be happy to replace said suiter for the evening ;)
Anmcep30: I'm looking for a female to join my bf and I for a threesome. He's handsome and hung and I love to share...
Surfer1108: Any ladies looking tonight
24h ago
MrD_909: it's Friday! Time to go out and have fun
24h ago
MrD_909: Feel like going out and having so beers and Hennesy!
24h ago
MaDameMozelle: I been going to BBWKisses parties for at least 7 years now. Ive observed lots of woman through out the years. They need some meet and greets. Parties are for playing.
15h ago
CC007: I've been to many of the parties too over the last 4 years, mainly here in L.A. Parties would be great for playing...if everyone felt comfortable too at the same time. Maybe the BBW's need to step their game, maybe some just want to watch and not feel forced to play. Polls don't lie either, if the majority are saying they'd like a BBW Exclusive party, and knew it was gonna be put on with the suggestions mentioned, I'm sure many would come out. Everyone has a comfort zone, people are different on many levels. Doesn't make one better than the other, it's just how people are. But you can't get on say things like "BBW's won't come out for their own parties..." they haven't been given as fair of chance as the TGirl events, and they get theirs all the time. A Meet and Greet would be cool to break the ice; can't predict how these things are gonna go. All anyone can do is hope for the best, and go with it. All you've been saying MaDame is "It won't work...It won't work..." real positive.
7h ago
GARNET: woot! plans got cancelled, but made some other plans!! THADS!!! :
6h ago
j0k3rwld: nice
5h ago
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View from the balcony of my new place. Too bad summer is almost over.
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