LouieAndLezlieLBC: What USA site?
4d ago
GARNET: the unitedsexaddicts site
4d ago
Lady_Stark: Ok if anyone wants me, I’ll be on Fet or kik til this is resolved. Miladystark on both.
4d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Ok; I need to get KIK. Is USA any good? I have met cool people here, a lot in SD area
4d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: LongBeachLouie on Kik
4d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Trying to see how much interest there might be for a private hotel swing party in adjoining rooms here in Long Beach. Great swing/rockabilly music for free at Shenanigans Shoreline Villlage sat 2pm-6pm. Meet there and get rooms we all go in on. Could work, or is it too short notice?
3d ago
SexxxySixxx: Shenanigans sounds fun!!!
3d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Sorry to say my girl is not up to an after-party, but we can still go catch some music. Would be nice to meet some kinksters with clothes on, like friends or something. Priceline has a function where they sell off extra rooms cheep if they pick room in area. DT LB is a tight area, so room would be close to Shenanigan's
3d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Check my math; two adjoining rooms with two beds each at $150 each, get each couple to cover $50 and third cover $50 and we have a nice, safe party spot with pool and jacuzzi downstairs and more than likely breakfast in the morning. We would just need extra soap and towels; wnk
3d ago
SexxxySixxx: 3 couples at $50 per couple equals $150, enough for only one room. You need either $100 per couple, or 6 couples.
3d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Four couples and two singles; $50 a couple, $50 a single
3d ago
SexxxySixxx: There ya go!!!
3d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: There we go
3d ago
SexxxySixxx: One week of freedom!! Who's gonna entertain me???
3d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Come on down to LB; might be able to get you a room/your own bed; no pressure, just to sleep unless you change that parameter. Lezlie, Linda, Giovanni and myself are slated to be at Shoreline Village Long Beach 2-6 Saturday then seeing what happens
2d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: You know Cleopatra do you not? When was the last time you saw her? Please invite her. I am sure I can get more men only if justified.
2d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Maybe you know men who you would like to meet in a social not sexual context at first.
2d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Now get this math, what if we had the plus one's, the single guys get the rooms? Giovanni offered, but really just for Lezlie and I. So then the couples are free. I sure do not want to have to ask my third to pay if we get a fourth who wants to play. Get us a room; tee he
2d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: So I am wrong on the math; Priceline came up with $86 a night per room at four star with jacuzzie and you can do double triple or more rooms. Getting ahead of ourselves as is typical with me. The idea is to have people show up for music and drinks and if need be we can Priceline a room within two square miles of downtown. People need to bring cash for person who orders the room if one is in fact ordered. Hell, maybe no one shows and it is just Lezlie, hopefully our third and a couple of single guys. That is a party right there!
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Yes, Cleo is my best friend! I’ll be happy to ask her to come! Maybe some gentleman will be happy to be our date?
2d ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: Yes yes, that is the idea
2d ago
SteveinNV: Heading down to Oceanside for Thanksgiving and stopping in LA first to visit some freinds. Can't wait!!!
SexxxySixxx: Steve, u have to visit me too!!! I'm in LA (SGV) area!
LouieAndLezlieLBC: SGV; thought you were in Pt Loma SD area.
21h ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: SexxxySixxx, pretty sure I can get you a ride if you want to party today. Will need to message me or email me
21h ago
SexxxySixxx: Sounds fun!!! I need to get out!!!
20h ago
SexxxySixxx: What is up with guys always wanting to meet up after 9? I'm the kinda girl that accepts real dates...not down for anything less!!!
16h ago
JAMES: Sexxxy let me take u out for some fun
14h ago
SexxxySixxx: James, post a pic. Email your info.
38m ago
SexxxySixxx: Oh, I just saw that u do have pics... Not sure why they don't show in shout box!!!
35m ago
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Okay so if u read my previous post you kinda know me! I have done threesomes both mff and mmf and mind u I enjoy mmf more but last friday I was made into the center of it all I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand and one in my pussy. I was having a
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Hey guys so some of you know me as the girl that always plays and yes I do. Growing up I was told sex is bad and I was ashamed of my body and my sexuality. I grew up and I found out that I enjoy SEX I am not an addict I just really love cumming and I loved
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Ever been so horny that you needed to feel the length of hard throbbing cock pumping inside of your to some rhythmic pace?  Ever been so horny that you needed two?  Maybe, not two at the same time -- although that is always a nice invitation -- but definit
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