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Dave25: Yes they are open
Humminbird67: It's supposed to be
Hugecock619: Yes it is mo
MaDameMozelle: It was fun to go to the Drive In last night! Much needed. I was by myself but it was still fun. Saw The Hunt and The Invisible Man
14d ago
ervetguy: Awesome
14d ago
Hugecock619: I hit you up on kik mo
14d ago
Naughtybusybs: What is everyone doing this weekend?
14d ago
Hugecock619: Looking slow still
13d ago
Dave25: Whats up yall
13d ago
Hugecock619: Wanna go down to blacks beach who’s in?
12d ago
Hugecock619: Beautiful day at the beach
11d ago
MaDameMozelle: Its beautiful out
9d ago
GARNET: I wouldn't know. I heard there's protesters out..
8d ago
Hugecock619: Not in San Diego
8d ago
MaDameMozelle: I want pizza with ham and pineapple
8d ago
Youngndumb: Im turning 25 June 26th and was thinking of getting a room and hosting a kinky party. Would anyone in San Diego be interested?
7d ago
MRMIX1: hello room
7d ago
MRMIX1: Roxanne how are you ?
7d ago
Hugecock619: Anyone around the hemet San jacinto areas looking to play I can host
6d ago
grbbwlvr: Hey LA people who is down to have a small BBW Party in the SGV? Let me know
6d ago
Ilicitcouple: Does anyone know why our individual home pages are not working?
5d ago
sdlatino4fun: Should contact support about it they probably don't know
4d ago
MaDameMozelle: I wanna make out with another girl...
4d ago
babyby456: I wanna watch you make out with another girl.
4d ago
MaDameMozelle: lol o
4d ago
bigblackstar88: @grbbvr, what are the details on the bbw party?
2d ago
Naughtybusybs: That would be hot MaDameMozelle to watch. Lol
2d ago
hereforfun1986: making out with another girl sounds real fun right now
2d ago
Naughtybusybs: Yes it does lol
2d ago
hereforfun1986: i'm down.. and i'm cute... promise ;)
2d ago
Naughtybusybs: Nice sounds like a great sexy time and more
2d ago
Hugecock619: I need a massage
22h ago
Devildoc6942: I would like to see my wife kissing other women... She misses it...
22h ago
SexxxySixxx: Howdy, Y'all! This craziness needs to stop! I'm so ready to move on with life, and stop wearing these damned masks!!! How's everyone else doing?
20h ago
MaDameMozelle: Right! I miss interaction with people. Kissing is probably not even gonna happen for awhile...
11h ago
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I spent most of my life feeling like I was in the bottom half of the attractive population. Like a 4 out of 10. A coworker told me something the other day that has me thinking. She said “I don’t think you realize what an overpowering presence you are.” She
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Meet new people and make new friends. Chat with others to make time pass, verify to join, scan code or kik me JenLiu88...thanks
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Oh did I get your attention? Some suggested viewing for your leisure time enjoyment. Kind of a fresh take on porn. For me anyway. And co-starring Karla Lane, instant fave amirite?! I just started reading the reviews below the video. Its def not the pornhub
DavidD 18.10.2018 3 871
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