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BBW Mira Mesa Party!
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Lady_Stark: If the dick is attached to a dick it's useless.
JussDoinMe23: I don't mind if you only have a tit pic tough
King_4BBW: where the party at?
Lady_Stark: There is a party tonight in Van Nuys, and a party that requires pre-payment and RSVP Saturday night in Mira Mesa.
18h ago
Bigdaddy400: if any beautiful lady want to chill after the party I'm really closet by 14145 Calvert st van nuys
13h ago
Lady_Stark: Then you're close enough to go to the party to meet the girls in person.
12h ago
Laura3632: Lady..&peri­od;­ is there a meet and greet before hand?
11h ago
Lady_Stark: No, I'm running around like crazy getting things ready to take to Mira Mesa too.
8h ago
Lady_Stark: and updating the guest list for tomorrow, and making dinner, and ..
8h ago
Laura3632: sooo..&peri­od;­ is that a no??.&­period;.­ LOL
8h ago
Laura3632: you lead a busy life.. =)
8h ago
Lady_Stark: and I need to wash paint and drywall dust off of me, pack my bag, gather the cookies I baked, tell the cat he can't have my chicken for his dinner,
8h ago
Lady_Stark: and somewhere in there I really need a drink
8h ago
Laura3632: everything looks doable except for making the cat understand that the chicken is not his.. LOL
8h ago
Laura3632: a drink..&per­iod;­ I'm down for that.. I need one too.. with lots of vodka
8h ago
Lady_Stark: I've got a big bottle
8h ago
Laura3632: share!!.­..­ LOL
8h ago
Lady_Stark: I have straws
8h ago
Laura3632: Lol..&perio­d;­ I'll bring the orange juice
8h ago
Lady_Stark: yay! I think I have peach schnapps too
7h ago
Laura3632: yumm..&peri­od;­
7h ago
Sir_Neoscar: Hello Ladies
7h ago
Laura3632: hello Neoscar
7h ago
Sir_Neoscar: The new site is looking better still hard to load anything up
7h ago
Laura3632: yeah..&peri­od;­ just getting used to it
7h ago
Sir_Neoscar: 😛
7h ago
Laura3632: =)
7h ago
Sir_Neoscar: 🚀
7h ago
Sir_Neoscar: So whats good tonight in San Diego
7h ago
Lady_Stark: Nothing tonight, Party tomorrow in Mira Mesa
7h ago
Laura3632: party time! hope everyone enjoys their night!!
5h ago
Maahi: Hi can i still come to party
3h ago
HoneyLips: At the party, where u at?
2h ago
Lady_Stark: Yes you can come to the party
2h ago
Maahi: On the way sorry for late
2h ago
Maahi: Hi i am in
2h ago
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SO freaking sexy!!!
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Yes you are cute!
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Don't want to leave a trail? Pay for Mira Mesa in cash tonight at Karla's BBW party!n
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Here's the link to buy tix on eventbrite- remember to RSVP:    https://www.eventbrite.com/e/csa-mira-mesa-bbw-party-private-party-tickets-21196537414?aff=ebrowse    
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Going to broadcast again soon...Was thinking Tuesday or Wednesday night....Any input?
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