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How to not be a douchebag in five easy steps:



1. Do not assume that all women want to immediately have sex with you because we are so won over by your tact, wit, charm, personality and stunning good looks. *note that the key words are bolded.


2. Do treat a lady with respect. We don't want to be addressed like hookers. Well not all of us I am sure there are some ladies out there that like that but generally as a whole...not so much fellas.


3. No means just that...No! If we don't want to meet you we won't we don't even need to give you a reason the word No, is simply enough.


4. Stop bellyaching over having to pay 40$ to attend a party! It all goes towards the cost of having an awesome place for you to meet even more awesome ladies. It really is cheaper than taking someone out and wining and dining them before they say No! to you again..


5. Do not forget to use tact. Simply messaging someone and asking them when they want to hook up...uhm it's tacky. Engage the mind and the body will follow. If you're rude, stupid, or inconsiderate...i'm going to ignore you and so will a lot of the other ladies on here. We like conversation! Converse with us! 


that is all QQ over and out! ;)

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  •  SweetBeach: 
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  •  andy: 
    OK QQ! As much as your rules are accurate and articulate, ( Nerd Alert! ) they're kinda like The Borg . .It's futile! I mean . .why write anything . .I would think by NOT posting "the rules", you would be able to weed out rude men faster, since they reveal their intentions in the beginning, thus nipping it in the bud quicker and allowing smarter men to shine brighter.Also . .just because a man follows " the rules " that you have explained ( I am sticking up for the men here ) I would like a woman to acknowledge when a man has completed "the rules" to her satisfaction and iniciate some kind of advance. Don't drag it on like we are your BFF.
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  •  Anonymous: 
    7. Don't kick sandals into the pool :P
    "Instantly forgiven though"
    And you win so many points for using my favorite insult "asshat" as a verb
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  •  Anonymous: 
    HAHAHA I think we should make one of these for the ladies on how not to be a BITCH! However I do wear that name proudly with a capital B.
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  •  latincutie02: 
    I totally agree!!! grabbing me and saying and I quote "I want you in the worst kinda way" is NOT going to get you in bed with me, and if you push me I'll knee you in the nadds. Plan and simple. Its like use your brain.
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