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I originally wrote this on AdultFriendFinder, after chatting with a woman I knew there and how she had been treated by a great number of guys on that site. I decided to re-post it here because it still has some relevance here. Inevitably on sites like this
VistaSteve1 · Yesterday

So I started Hump Day out by having a drink at the Viceroy with several of my fun & sexxxy friends. While there, I met a hottie named Robert who thought my dress was really cute. All of us were headed to to Towhhouse later that night for the Bootleg Bo
SummertimeSixxx · 88 days ago

After several humdrum days, the weekend & I finally came!!! Saturday, I had a blind date for my friend's Naughty Bingo Night!!! What a pleasant surprise!!! My date was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! We were running a bit early for Bingo, so we stopped at a bar near
SummertimeSixxx · 92 days ago

So, I was really bored on here last Saturday...I was hoping to find a ride to Sunday's pool party or even something for Saturday. I noticed that one of the guys here had responded to my status tweet, so I IM'd him. What a huge mistake!!! He asked if I want
SummertimeSixxx · 99 days ago

When my jerking spasm was over, he spread my pussy lips with his fingers and ran his tongue inside me, lapping like a cat with a bowl of cream. Oh, it was so lovely, feeling the silky touch of his tongue, that I raised my hips in time with each stroke. I h
GuufyGirl · 207 days ago

"This is it!" I thought, "here he goes. He's going to push his penis into me. It's too big, he'll split me wide open." I was trembling all over, wanting yet fearing the inevitable. But he just kissed my lips while his tongue started to penetrate. This part
GuufyGirl · 217 days ago

Taking hold of one breast in both hands he kissed my nipple through my bra before putting his hand inside and scooping my breast out from the confines of its covering. Now he had one free, he concentrated on that breast with both hands and mouth. He kissed
GuufyGirl · 218 days ago

I turned my face to his and we kissed, his tongue probed gently at my lips and I opened my mouth to admit it, slowly using my own tongue to play with his. Our kissing got more passionate and I wrapped my hands around the back of his head pulling him as clo
GuufyGirl · 219 days ago

So here I am, again, enjoying the good life at my local, random Starfucks!!! Nothing like having a random stranger walk in and shout, "I know you!!! YOU"RE the girl with the online profile pic in a see-through nightie and rubber snakes in your hair!!!" AWK
SummertimeSixxx · 227 days ago

Soooo, I finally bought coconut oil & WOW!!! I'm impressed!!!It is an amazing lube...100% natural, so it absorbs right into skin with no worries about chemicals!!!! It is also great as a moisturizer for dry skin!!!! Loving it as a massage oil & foo
SummertimeSixxx · 228 days ago
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