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Three very macho mice are standing around trying to outdo each other. The first mouse says, "You know those little pellets they put out around the house trying to poison us? I love those things. I eat 'em like candy." The second mouse, not to be outdone sa
Lady_Stark · 8 days ago

*I open the door to my apartment and he pulls me hard towards, pressing his lips to mine, devouring my soft full lips in his hungry impatient mouth.  He releases me hearing the shower running from the bathroom. He takes my hand spins me around folding one
LadieChellie · 59 days ago

Last Saturday night... he arrived just  as he said he would, standing outside my building ready to release this buildup we've been mounting of the week, smile and all.  I opened the door to let him in and he immediately grabbed me, groped me, hands roaming
LadieChellie · 72 days ago

He sends me pictures of his hard throbbing cock and tells me what he plans to do with it in me.  He tells me he's going to fill every, pound me senseless and dump every load in my tight welcoming ass.  He's going to own me.  Fuck me. Screw me. Nail me. Ban
LadieChellie · 80 days ago

Dear Friends, I have very sad news to report about the untimely passing of a wonderful supporter of this site and husband to our awesome friend, Deb. Ted aka bigmn4me passed away suddenly and we want to send our condolences and remind everyone that life g
admin · 83 days ago

What type of prizes would you like to see at parties? Theming?  Do you miss sponsored chat nights? Let us know so we can make our kinky home better.
Lady_Stark · 95 days ago

He's headed over for some frolicking and fun with whatever holes he chooses.  It's a Wednesday hookup in which the timing couldn't be better. No panties when I greet him. No bra for the titties. His hi will be his plunge... my hello will be my moan... and
LadieChellie · 95 days ago

May 1st- May Day/Lei Day -Hawaiian themed, pulled pork, pineapple, and flower leis. We know what pineapple does to certain body fluids ;) Wear your muu-muu, or a grass skirt, maybe a coconut bra. I can't find coconuts to fit my boobs ;) Come join us in LA
Lady_Stark · 131 days ago

One of the fun things we do sometimes at our parties are sexy games.... Naked Twister, Musical Boobs, Pass the Penis, etc. What games would you like to see us play?? In San Diego, there's always the chance to play naked Marco Polo in the pool. Cards agains
Lady_Stark · 146 days ago

We have some great prizes coming for upcoming parties from our awesome new sponsor, Sportsheets! These prizes are going to be used as door prizes for select parties, as they have a higher retail value.   We also have some guest hosts coming to help with fu
Lady_Stark · 179 days ago
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