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This is how we roll...

This is how we roll.... 

I get asked often how the whole "married" thing works so I thought I would explain it.  We consider ourselves swingers.  Or another term would be "Open".  For US, that means that we are both well taken care of at home, but have the freedom to have sex with other partners.  

I am bi, hubby is not.  However he is not phobic.  He has no problem being in a MFM situation.  And hes not gonna freak out if the two men accidently touch toes.  Seriously guys... nonsexual touching is a by product of having a 3sum or moresum.  You put 3 people together close enough to be having sex and its a damn good chance you might touch toes, both grab a girls boob at the same time and your hands are gonna touch, and omg... while changing positions your legs might slighty rub against each other or touch.  Get over it.  It happens.  It does NOT mean the other guy is hitting on you.  Anyway, that little rant is over. 

So back to the bi for me, not for him thing.  We enjoy being with other couples and swapping partners.  It also means that we enjoy bringing other singles into our bed.  Men for that MFM that I love and he enjoys watching another man fuck me while I suck his cock.  Women for the FMF.  Sometimes its more of a FF thing, which he enjoys watching, but he does enjoy having two pussies avail to hop back and forth between.  

But take note!!!!  We both play seperately as well!  I have special friends that I go visit.  He has special friends that he goes to visit.  Its more fun for us when we share our special friends, but its not required.  My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to those women who let me send him to them for an "attitude adjustment".

Being Open or a Swinger takes trust, love and respect.  Once again, for US, this means that we both have veto power.  AND family time comes first.  Veto Power means that if I am uncomfortable with someone he is having sex with, I get the right to ask him to stop.  He has the same rights with me.  You want to be one of our special friends?.. then take the time to get to know BOTH of us.  If my hubby knows you, hes much more likely to not use the veto power.  Have respect for the both of us.  Understand he is placing a lot of trust in you by allowing you to be with me.  Women, I put my trust in you as well when he plays with you.  Understand that our marriage and our family comes FIRST.  If people get to the point that they think they "deserve" time with either one of us, it is probably time to NOT be friends any longer.

And please... understand our time constraints.  We own and run 3 companies.  We have a 5 yr old.  We are busy.  Its extremely difficult for last minute arrangements to be made for play time.  Ladies... I run his work schedule, so if you want a daytime appointment, just get in touch with me lol.  

So thats how we roll.  It may be different for other couples, but this is what works for us.  Any questions??  Comments?? 


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  •  maleorder3: 
    Very clear and comprehensive so everyone has respect for one another and the opportunity to play
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  •  1discretedude: 
    Actually, if both guys cover themselves in saran wrap (minus the goods) that would prevent most male to male contact. It would also provide a better overall workout. Really! Anyway, great blog and your openness and trust with your hubby is admirable and rare.
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    Love, love, love how you stated this!
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  •  SweetBeach: 
    Great posting! Sounds like you make it work well.
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