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Peeves!! Here we go again


Oh fuck, here we go again.  Things that REALLY piss me off!!



.        Screen Names:  We have screen names for a damn reason.  If we wanted to be referred to by our real names in a public setting we would not have taken the time to come up with screen names.  Unless someone has given you express permission to use their real name in public, screen names should always be used.  I CRINGE every time I see real names used online or even at parties.  That’s someones privacy you just fucked with.  If the person has no problem with it fine, but have you ever stopped to wonder if they are just being polite and really want to knock you on your ass for it??  Did you ASK if you could use their real name in public?  I know of many cases where its not been asked and permission not given. 


      Drama:  Yes DRAMA.  I know everyone says all the time that they are tired of the drama.  IF that were truly the case, why are you mentioning it in public?  Every time you put it out there in the shout box or in the chat room, YOU are creating the drama.  Even in status messages, all you are truly doing is sharing your drama with everyone else.  KEEP IT PRIVATE.  If you absolutely have to share your drama the keep it to emails, phone calls, IM’s etc.  Don’t put your crap out there in the shout box or chat room.  IT MAKES EVERYONE UNCOMFORTABLE!!! 



3.       Cattyness:  Lets admit it ladies.  We are women… cat fights WILL happen.  But once again, lets keep them private!!  Its unbecoming, childish (when done in public) and honestly… even tho the men will stand around to watch and cheer us on, they will RUN the minute the fight is over.  All men know that if we are willing to cat fight in public, that we are hi maintenance and more drama than we are worth.  As a male friend told me “hell yeah I will watch the train wreck, but I no way in hell I wanna ride that train”. 



4.       IM Stalkers:  Ladies we can solve this issue so damn easily.  If a man sends you a message and you aren’t interested in him… SAY SO!!!  MEN…. RESPECT THAT!!!  All it takes is a quick, “Im not interested in you that way”  and the man should back off.  I have MANY friends I chat with here regularly that Im not sexually interested in, but we still chat on a friendly basis.  A word to the men… its not you (most of the time).  Its probably that you aren’t my preferred flavor, or the wrong color hair, or wrong color eyes.  Hell it could be that you are HOT, but remind me of my brother.  Which is just weird, but there is a super hot guy here that does sort of look like my brother and I just cant go there LOL. 


Ok Im done.  Ive vented and will eagerly await your feedback.


Nibbles….. Frosti

Frosti 08.08.2012 17 1007
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  •  1discretedude: 
    Ok this is strange, two responses have my avatar but weren't posted by me...glitch? Way too strange. Anyway, your blogs are thoughtful and well written. Good to get everything understood up front!
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  •  sumcuminfun: 
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  •  Anonymous: 
    I do enjoy your blog. Well written and very timely.
     12.09.20121 replies1 replies 
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  •  playnicewithme: 
    I agree, Frosti.
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  •  Anonymous: 
    and feisty is my nic case any one wanted to know it is not just my profile but my nic name....and on another note if you follow the crowd then they are not your beliefs but every ones. Personally I think every one lately is getting into every one elses business...i think people need to handle thier own problems and lf they cant its sink or swim...I have my own built in flotation devices. i know ill always swim :-)
     09.08.20121 replies1 replies 
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