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Two Courses

Ever been so horny that you needed to feel the length of hard throbbing cock pumping inside of your to some rhythmic pace?  Ever been so horny that you needed two?  Maybe, not two at the same time -- although that is always a nice invitation -- but definitely two nice size cocks, as your sexual energy is not going to be extinguished just with one.  

It was either a Wednesday or Thursday some years ago and I had made arrangements to meet a man I connected with online for some hot sex.  But, of course.  He agreed to meet me in the parking structure of the college I was attending at the time.  Having been well-versed with this parking structure, I have him specific instructions on where to park because I had ever intention of being fucked in his car and like the good whore I can be sometimes, I like to keep my escapades away from an audience -- although, I wouldn't mind be watched  while I'm being fucked, but that would be by invitation only.  He gave me the complete description of his car and when he texted that he had arrived and parked in the area I told him to, I made my way over to meet.  I remember walking up to the car, hearing it being unlocked for me and sliding in the backseat.  Luckily, he had tinted windows which would make the next 20 to 30 minutes obscure to the to outside world.  I sat in the right behind the passenger front seat and lightly tossed my bad on the front seat as I made myself more comfortable.  While sitting, I began to take off my shoes and pull of my pants and panties.  I had come here to be fucked and there was no need to beat around the bush about it.  When I was completely naked from the waist down, he got out from the driver's seat and opened the door to the back seat to join me.  Before taking his place next to me, he raised his driver seat and the passenger seat next to his so that we would have more room to fuck on the back of his car. When he finally seated himself next to me, he told me to spread my legs.  And I did.  He scooted himself in between my thighs that he was still seated but with each of my legs on either side of him. I had leaned against the door I came through, to better expose my pussy to him.  And in doing so, he became to finger fuck me.  Circling over my clit, discovering its piercing, playing with it, seeing how much more wet he can make me.  As he played with my pussy, he managed to get m legs over the headrest of his driver's seat so that he eat my pussy and taste all my juices.  It's was always nice to a hot mouth on my lips, my pussy lips.  And when he felt he had created enough natural lubrication, he unzipped his pants, pulled them down to his thighs, slipped on a condom and fucked me.  

First, he fucked me missionary.  It was a little challenging, but when you want dick and he wants pussy, you make it happen.  And happened it did.  He fucked me as hard as he could in the tight small space inside my tight space. And when he needed to  go a little deeper, he had me flip over so that my ass was up and my face was down.  And fuck my doggy he did.  I think he like that the most.  I heard him moaning as he drove his dick in faster and deeper and faster deeper.  He'd grabbed my hips so he ram himself inside of me over and over and over and over and over until he came.  He shuttered as he finished, lowering my ass back to the seat.  He pulled off the condom, pulled up pants, collecting himself the best he could.  He he opened up the back door he came through, tossed the used condom on the ground and sat back in the the driver's seat.  I began put back on my panties, my pants and mys shoes.  I figured once I was out of the car, I could straighten myself up better.  As I grabbed my bag and was preparing to leave, he told me he'd like to do this again real soon.  I told him I would let him know.  I never did.  That would be the first and last time I would see him.

But would be my only for the day.

I texted the next guy as I walked away from the car I had just finished fucking him and he told me if I wanted to come by right now, he was home.  Come by?  But, of course.  

And make way over to him, I did.  

He greeted me outside his place, leading my to a back room that was his.  He apparently had roommates, but they were gone for the day.  His room was a little messy, but the bed was pristine -- perhaps, prepared for fucking.  When I walked in his room, I noticed he had his TV on and he was watching porn.  No one he wanted me to come over, he had gotten himself all hot and bother.  I dropped my bag somewhere on the crowded floor where I knew I could find it again.  He had stepped outside the room to get us something to drink from the kitchen.  And once again, I took off my shoes and took off my pants and panties.  This time, I also removed my top and bra, allowing myself to climb into bed.  When he returned, I was naked and watching his porn, something he told me made him instantly hard.  He placed our beverages on a nearby stand, quickly disrobed himself of the shirt and shorts he was wearing and climbed in bed with me once he too was nude.  We fondled, groped and played with each other's body parts.  He lowered himself between legs and began to lap up and lick my pussy.  He kissed and sucked my nicely and I let my legs fall apart giving him more access to dine in.  Then, I lowered myself to his cock and placed as much of his seven inches and mouth and sucked and slurped, as he began to slowly my mouth.  I gagged a little, as my mouth as designed for large objects, but extra secretion came in handy when in came time for him drive his hard cock in me.  

He had the most amazing girth ever.  Never have I felt like I was being stretched up until him.  He thought he was hurting me, but it was the best hurt you could ever asked for.  And once he slid all the way in, I never felt so full and complete in my life.  I wanted to cry and cum at the same, it felt so damn good.  And then, he started to pump inside me.  Oh, god, that was incredible.  Harder, he would drive his cock insider.  Faster, he would increase his pace based on my moans and whimpers.  Deeper, he would try to reach the very end of me.  Harder, he rocked his hips.  Faster, he would build up an orgasm.  Deeper, he would tunnel his way through.  Harder, he would slam the cock into me.  Faster, is rhythm would move us.  Deeper, he pound ever inch of my pussy walls.  Harder. Faster. Deeper.  Shit, I would cum.  I came.  He came.  It was nice.  But he wanted more from me.

He wanted to slip in hand in my wet pussy.  He wanted to fist me.  And he did.  I let him.  I laid on my back and spread my legs once more for him.  It took a little work and a lot of lube, like, up to his wrist.  But he was able to slide in whole hand in my pussy as I jerked and squirm from the sheer power he vibrated through my body.  But one hand wasn't he enough.  He wanted to see if he could slide two inside my pussy. Completely lubed and sticky hand, he managed to slide both hands in pussy, that I cam all over them, drenching them in my pussy juices.  I felt like I was going to explode.  He had clasped both hands together, as in in prayer and slid them in my tight wet and now abused pussy.   After several minutes and trials, once all the way in, he began to gently pump them inside me as if I was being fucked by some giant cock.  I wet his bed with my cum juices.  Once, I gain my composure, I got redress, while he watching and attempted to finger fuck me in the process.  He walked me to the door and we said our farewells.  

Over these two courses, I had been satisfied. 

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