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What does it all mean?


What Being Labelled a 'Big Beautiful Woman' Means to Porn Performers


I can't keep up with all of the various Vice affiliated offshoot sites/blogs. At any rate, Keeping up with the body positivity trend, or whatever multi-syllabic hyphenated term we are allowed to use this week so as to not get tweet shamed and lose our careers, reputation, et al, Motherboard puts some shine on the pros and cons of the BBW label/tag/category as it pertains to PORN! *gasp*. unfortunately, for me anyway, there is no T&A, no balloon knots, neither bullets nor butterfly wings. Just words, ideas, feelings. Very tastefully written piece which gotta be honest, I was not expecting from good ol' Vice; The home of the uber-judgemental-hipster Do's and Don'ts.

The most interesting part to me was hearing all the different sites/services/platforms the gals are using to get their collective hustle on. ManyVids, Clips4Sale, Chaturbate were mentioned (i think). Has anyone tried or currently use one of these content services? I've checked out Diverxity and some other niche sites i can't remember rn, and the grandaddy of em all, Southern Charms. (just dont post any of the preview pics on your tumblr cuz they dont fuck around LOL. I've heard. From friends...)

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