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Big month for hip hop. - June '18

Meanwhile, radio stays playing 2yr old songs. smh I thought I was setting up my about/admin page for this blog with that first post. anyhooos

June saw several new hip hop albums released. some are even worth listening to.
If you catch yourself complaining about new rappers and/or you've listened to a 2pac
album unironically in the last oh idk decade or so- ask yourself what you are doing to improve
your life and well being.

I may or may not update this post with new/better links. at some point. list below:

Kanye Oeste - Ye
Kids See Ghosts (Ye + Cudi)
The Black Thought (Flex freestyle 2017)
Roc Marciano - Rosebudd's Revenge (2017)
theres a RR2 from Roc Marci cant find a complete playlist. so much other shit missing too.
Planet Asia had a mixtape last year i missed. Heiro. fucking new Big Boi.
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