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Oh did I get your attention? Some suggested viewing for your leisure time enjoyment. Kind of a fresh take on porn. For me anyway. And co-starring Karla Lane, instant fave amirite?! I just started reading the reviews below the video. Its def not the pornhub comment section. take that how you will. Leave a comment if you check it out. Even if you dont and have something to share re the various issues addressed by this piece please do so. Salud.
Link and marketing copy below.
The Weight Of Infidelity
Wife and Mistress (W&M) get revenge on manipulative husband. W&M miss or otherwise ignore the red flags, fail to set and enforce personal boundries and are subsequently 'forced' into a revenge scenario. totally not 'adventure' (chaos) junkies. A married couple, John and Angie, have sex in their kitchen. John cums deep inside his Angie's mouth. She swallows his load before springing up and wrapping her arms around her husband. They seem so happy.

Angie laughs, protesting that it's just a little bit of ice cream but John grabs the pint and puts it back in the freezer, shutting the door. 'I'm serious,' he says. 'You don't want to gain weight. You still have so much to lose!' I don't know how many times we have to go over this,' he says curtly. 'This is not a joke. It's for your own good!'

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Anyone down to get into some fucking??
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