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You rub your eyes and lean back in your chair, stretching your arms up over your head… man, what a long day. You take a deep breath and push back from your desk, leaning way back in your chair. At least it's Friday, right? The weekend should at least give
RacyRedhead · 916 days ago

I'm NOT a  member yet  byt, I LOVE? adore BIG CURVY WOMEN in Southern, California. I love going to BUTTERFLY LOUNGE & HIT me up on  Y I M- face book add . All so on this free BBW Fetish web site add mdbone42 . LIKE to HE
mdbone43 · 532 days ago

Dreaming I lay my face on pillow, thinking, dreaming You were once a fantasy, a figment Now things are different, your’e closer If ever I could be better, it be with you, always Eyes closed, lids heavy, hands folded Wishing for your touch Your skin, your a
Liquid_Diaries · 493 days ago

I sleepy, Im loopy.  I need someplace to just ramble.  If you like it great, if not well thats ok too.     Im sittin here watchin all those wonderful pics of some great man abs scroll by and its makin me drool.  I like great abs!!  I like shaved heads!  Mo
Frosti · 848 days ago

This is my favorite beach in San Deigo....   As you might know, it is clothing otional-that means you can get nakkie f you want....   It can be a sausage fest....   Someone made the (bad) joke that on a warm summer day, half the sex predators in San Diego
Sinner · 642 days ago

Since I am new here thought I'd talk about myself a little lol.  I am italian male 43 visiting the San Diego area.  I lived here though from 88-98 when I served in the Navy and operated ballpark pizza in Oceanside back in the day if anyone remembers that p
italianindiego · 674 days ago

Ever wonder what a woman does to get ready for her date with a special friend?  Here's your chance to be the fly one the wall, watching her get ready for her hot date....   Mmm... I am so looking foward to my date with you tonight.  Its been so long since
Frosti · 813 days ago

Yep, its true.  Im a slut.  A very good friend of mine today told me so lol.  Yes, he's still a friend, but then of course he knows that being called a slut... by the right person... at the right time... will damn near make me squirt.     So I asked him to
Frosti · 826 days ago

things about me.... i love art... i paint ,draw, do anthing artistic i enjoy i love those who are artistic im a movie nut goto the movies just bout every friday i cant stand stupid ignorant people. i hate being ignored im kinda shy till i get to know you i
luvbbws · 879 days ago

  Time: An Early Summer Evening  Place: London, England It had been a long day and it was nice to be out in the fresh air.  Heels clicking on the pavement as I pull the pins out of my hair and shake it loose in the summer evening sun.  Continuing down
RacyRedhead · 932 days ago
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