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There are a few things I feel a majority of men at parties need to know, both to make it more likely that they get lucky and also to make it a more enjoyable experience for the ladies.     1. Bring your own condoms: I feel like this one would be a given
TardisFucker 01.05.2013 20 1298

I'm NOT a  member yet  byt, I LOVE? adore BIG CURVY WOMEN in Southern, California. I love going to BUTTERFLY LOUNGE & HIT me up on  Y I M- face book add [email protected] . All so on this free BBW Fetish web site add mdbone42 . LIKE to HE
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  Oh fuck, here we go again.  Things that REALLY piss me off!!     .        Screen Names:  We have screen names for a damn reason.  If we wanted to be referred to by our real names in a public setting we would not have taken the time to come up with screen
Frosti 08.08.2012 17 969

This is how we roll....  I get asked often how the whole "married" thing works so I thought I would explain it.  We consider ourselves swingers.  Or another term would be "Open".  For US, that means that we are both well taken care of at home, but have th
Frosti 06.07.2012 35 1163

This is what I am going to do for you.I meet you at the door, dressed in my bathrobe. Grabbing your hand, I pull you in the door. I press my body to yours. I crush my breasts against your chest and my pelvis to your crotch. I grind my pelvis against you, r
GuufyGirl 30.05.2012 10 429

Yep, its true.  Im a slut.  A very good friend of mine today told me so lol.  Yes, he's still a friend, but then of course he knows that being called a slut... by the right person... at the right time... will damn near make me squirt.     So I asked him to
Frosti 18.05.2012 13 931

.... My heart was pounding and my mind racing.  Here was my husband and his friend "K" sitting calmly on my couch viewing pictures of my sex with a complete "stranger" experience.  "K" was smiling and sipping on a beer.  "S" (my husband) had a huge grin on
Frosti 03.05.2012 11 539

Rants!!!!... Part 1   Oral Sex.... oh where to start.  Guys, I KNOW I am not the norm but please dont try to impress me with telling me that you just wanna go down on me.  And also dont tell me that you can eat pussy for hours.  Honestly, Im gonna be bored
Frosti 25.04.2012 4 447

things about me.... i love art... i paint ,draw, do anthing artistic i enjoy i love those who are artistic im a movie nut goto the movies just bout every friday i cant stand stupid ignorant people. i hate being ignored im kinda shy till i get to know you i
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You rub your eyes and lean back in your chair, stretching your arms up over your head… man, what a long day. You take a deep breath and push back from your desk, leaning way back in your chair. At least it's Friday, right? The weekend should at least give
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