Lacey_Leather818: Mr Mix it's Chandrel. I'll message you her number ;-)
7d ago
guy_camaro: Sixxx, your the reason i wanted to deliver pizzas when i was 16....ohhh the tips....lol
7d ago
Lacey_Leather818: Guy your a naughty boy!!! ;-)
7d ago
guy_camaro: I try....
7d ago
SexxxySixxx: LOL, Guy!!! I'm still the reason guys deliver pizza!!!
7d ago
guy_camaro: Nice....i am getting a side job now
6d ago
Shyguy79: Going to the sherman oaks munch tonight at sportsman lodge. Who's going
6d ago
6d ago
oliiiiiii85: Almost weekend .....
5d ago
SexxxySixxx: Guy, Large cheese pizza with thick, garlic butter crust! STAT!!!
5d ago
SexxxySixxx: How was the munch, Shy?
4d ago
SexxxySixxx: Oli, yay!!!
4d ago
LANeal: Hmmm pizza
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: << steals Neal's pizza
2d ago
Bigtitsman714: What's good sexxxy long time no see
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: How was your birthday?
2d ago
adotdru33: Any bbw females want to join me at this bbw dance club , I’m getting bottle service , message me , the more the merrier
2d ago
Laura3632: Bottle service!
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Which dance club?
SexxxySixxx: Hi Laura!
colombian_papi: wheres the bbw dance club at?
Sexyxicana17: So i did something and now i am not sure
Sexyxicana17: I gave up sex since the last gangbang
Sexyxicana17: I felt where askin guys for sex
Sexyxicana17: So i have become celibate
Sexyxicana17: I can be friends we can talk about anything but no sex
Sexyxicana17: I know it weird since its a sex website but i think i can find friends
MaDameMozelle: I'm your friend!!1
MaDameMozelle: Sometimes you just need to be celibate
Sexyxicana17: Yes madame you are
23h ago
GARNET: I soooo wanna see Wicked!!! Thats on my bucket list!!!
21h ago
SexxxySixxx: Me too, G!!!
16h ago
SexxxySixxx: SexyXicana, I hear ya! I've completely given up on men as of today!
15h ago
oliiiiiii85: Boring weekend
13h ago
SexxxySixxx: Why boring, Oli? you shoulda spiced it up!!!
13h ago
oliiiiiii85: Lol not easy
13h ago
Sexyxicana17: I love sex dont get me wring I am not a prude but I am done with one guy after another I want just my person and thats it. Not so hard right?
12h ago
Shyguy79: Munch was okay. Went to a swingers party at lair friday
10h ago
SexxxySixxx: Oli, why is it not easy?
10h ago
SexxxySixxx: Shy, nice!
10h ago
SexxxySixxx: Sexyxicana, I agree, but that seems to be the hardest of all!!!
10h ago
Shyguy79: But didn't get any. LOL
10h ago
SexxxySixxx: Why not? That's almost impossible to not get laid at Lair!!!
10h ago
SdFunDayToday: Where is Lair? I've not heard of this place
10h ago
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