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DavidD: Do you have to eat pigs blood? Or how does one get more i-ron? (Please dont say kale)
GARNET: Red meat, leafy veggies.
admin: email [email protected]­m­ and mention "bbw van nuys event" for info
admin: private bbw event tuesday night oct.27th in Van Nuys
admin: we only have spots for a limited amount of people
bigblackstar88: Cool, I’ll be going. (After the dodgers game)
admin: email us if you want to go to the bbw event tonight. [email protected]­m­ mention bbw event tonight
guy_camaro: Any guys or gals interested in getting together saturday afternoon in san diego hit me up. I have a sub coming into town that day, gettibg a room and looking to make it an interesting day of being used.
Sinfulbbwkitty83: Hey everyone
Humminbird67: Boy it seems like November 20th is so far away
Humminbird67: I'm so looking forward to seeing all of you on the 20th
Naughtybusybs: We are looking forward to being there for Nov 20th
Sexyxicana17: Tuesday party omg to the guys that played with me thank u.
Sexyxicana17: If i open an onlyfans page would you follow me
Venezuela: Hello and good evening ladies.
SofiaBBW: Any parties going on tonight?
Fattylove: Only if it’s free. If not, no thanks.
jplayin14: Hope everybody had a good halloween!
Naughtybusybs: Just a handful of girls mainly more guys then the ladies. Ladies come out to the next bbw party and have some fun.
299rrrf: Let's meet up sfv
Khaing252: whos all going this saturday?
Sexyxicana17: Thanx u for the comments and replies i will let u guys know when and where
Humminbird67: Looking forward for the 20th,,,
DavidD: Shout out to all the Vets. In other current events, I'm (still) horny af.
NivekSaints69: Good evening ladies and gentlemen how's everyone doing? I've been gone for a while.
11d ago
bbwlover_slowgrind_bootyrubber: goodevening everyone
11d ago
DarnellluvaBBW: Hoping to make the 20th
10d ago
Hugecock619: Hi
10d ago
bbwlover_slowgrind_bootyrubber: Goodevening
9d ago
Humminbird67: Hope to see you all tomorrow
8d ago
Sexed: Anyone know if the van nuys bbw party is good considering going tuesday
8d ago
DarnellluvaBBW: Hey Hummingbird I'm really wanting to go
8d ago
DarnellluvaBBW: Hummingbird is not feeling well get some rest
7d ago
Humminbird67: Thank you
7d ago
Bigtitsman714: To the guy who uploaded his whole fb album on here....why!!?😡
3d ago
Chris562oc: Hahahaaha
3d ago
Chris562oc: Anyone ladies going to the bbw party tomorrow?
3d ago
hereforfun1986: Hahahahahahaha
3d ago
Humminbird67: I'm so sorry for all those people that showed up for the BBW party it was a flop I got really sick and it was best that I didn't show up we will try to have another party after the holidays
3d ago
Fattylove: This is a dead site with even deader parties. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get rid of the bbw parties altogether. I miss the good old days.
3d ago
Chris562oc: Humminbird are you going tomorrow
3d ago
Humminbird67: I'm in quarantine
3d ago
Sexyxicana17: I was here and party was over busted a mission and it flop
3d ago
babyby456: Almost drove way out there for the party yesterday, glad I didn't.
2d ago
Humminbird67: Happy Thanksgiving to all
14h ago
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Good evening everyone, I just wanted to get on here and kind of vent. I’ve been in a relationship for a little over 2 years. In the course of these 2 years I can count the amount of times we’ve had sex with one hand. I’ve tried everything to get him turned
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I spent most of my life feeling like I was in the bottom half of the attractive population. Like a 4 out of 10. A coworker told me something the other day that has me thinking. She said “I don’t think you realize what an overpowering presence you are.” She
niceguywithabigpenis 26.11.2019 1 789

Meet new people and make new friends. Chat with others to make time pass, verify to join, scan code or kik me JenLiu88...thanks
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