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Okay so if u read my previous post you kinda know me! I have done threesomes both mff and mmf and mind u I enjoy mmf more but last friday I was made into the center of it all I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand and one in my pussy. I was having a
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Ever been so horny that you needed to feel the length of hard throbbing cock pumping inside of your to some rhythmic pace?  Ever been so horny that you needed two?  Maybe, not two at the same time -- although that is always a nice invitation -- but definit
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Mark was my first cross-dressing/ transgender exploration.  He identified himself as a bisexual cross-dressing transgender individual.  Neatly put, he enjoyed wearing women's clothes and got off on it regardless if he was with a man or with a woman.  Okay,
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I was impressed.  Shocked, even.  Most of the men I've been with have only ever been able to achieve one orgasm.  Two, maybe, if we went another round and they were able to allow their bodies -- their cocks, really -- to reset to factory settings.  But K h
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I think the most unique experience I've ever had with a man is fisting.  I enjoy a good fisting session just as much as the next person when it's done by someone who knows exactly what they're they're doing -- this includes keeping nails at a proper length
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If the best things come in threes, three was exactly what I got.  All three of them: K, B and T!  You may call it a foursome, but it was me and the three of them.  And was a sexual fantasy and delight come true.   And it was a mutual plan for a few weeks.
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It was Saturday afternoon and K had called to say he was on his way to place from his.  But we had already spoken much earlier that morning.  He called me from a hotel room in which he had met up with T for a little rendezvous.  T had been out of town for
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There's something exciting, thrilling and nerve-racking about anonymous sex.  I mean, one-night stands are probably just as old as the act of prostitution, but nevertheless, remain pleasantly sought after.  Who doesn't want the chance to meet up someone an
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It was prom night.  And although prom had been a pretty spectacular event with an even better turn out, I was more concern with the after prom party.  I had spent 3 weeks planning the after prom.  25 of of friends and I rented 2 rooms for the night at a ha
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K picked me up to "meet" his friend T* one Saturday morning well before the sun had a chance to rise. The streets were dark, movement was minimal and all the sounds that we were going to hear were the ones we were going to be make. When I slide inside his
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