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There's something exciting, thrilling and nerve-racking about anonymous sex.  I mean, one-night stands are probably just as old as the act of prostitution, but nevertheless, remain pleasantly sought after.  Who doesn't want the chance to meet up someone an
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It was prom night.  And although prom had been a pretty spectacular event with an even better turn out, I was more concern with the after prom party.  I had spent 3 weeks planning the after prom.  25 of of friends and I rented 2 rooms for the night at a ha
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K picked me up to "meet" his friend T* one Saturday morning well before the sun had a chance to rise. The streets were dark, movement was minimal and all the sounds that we were going to hear were the ones we were going to be make. When I slide inside his
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I lost my virginity when I was 17. At school.  To the swim coach's assistant.  He was 27.  It wasn't romantic -- flirtatious, yes -- but nothing special.   One day I had decided not to get dress for my swimming class but still hang out at the pool and he w
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I really began exploring sex around the age of 16.  I was a well-endowed teenager, still a virgin but feel curious to experience sex and know what it felt like.  But at the same time, I didn't want to end up with any of the negative consequences sex could
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I enjoy a good fisting session when done right, but I instantly know when it's going to be horrible on the how my pussy is treated.  Let's get one thing one straight: if you try to put your whole hand in or four of your fingers and just start pumping... YO
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The site crashed, and we are in a 2013 version of BBWKisses.  If you had added pics in the last 3 years, they poofed when the server died. Pamela did a great job of recovering all the sites, but sometimes when sites crash hard, there is loss. So right now
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