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If the best things come in threes, three was exactly what I got.  All three of them: K, B and T!  You may call it a foursome, but it was me and the three of them.  And was a sexual fantasy and delight come true.


And it was a mutual plan for a few weeks.  Having fucked T with K and having fucked B with K, I wondered, what it would be like if the four of us got together and enjoy each other's company.   What would it be like for four people sharing one bed and one goal: ecstasy.  Orgasmic ecstasy.  And it was.  Pure bliss.  

T and B had already arrived at the hotel -- stunning, by the way, if you appreciate the luxury and comfort the nicer hotels can offer.  This particular one had two floors in the room.  The second floor was considered more of a loft, it with a separate bed, bath and vanity area.  And television.  For entertainment, I suppose, but I couldn't think of anything more entertaining than the cocks I'd be sucking on.  K came by my place to pick me up and take to the hotel to join both T and B.  Freshly showered and donning on a strapless Indian print dress and sweater like jacket, I met K downstairs in his car to complete our little group.  When we had arrived to the hotel, T and B must have finished a little play time themselves as T was laying on the bed naked from the waist down and B was completely nude.  I made my greeting quick as I took in the spaciousness of our fuck fest locale.  I dropped my bag of change of clothes on the nearest chair and raced up the stairs to the bed in the loft.  I was huge.  Much like the cocks I would be receiving.  I heard of them talking downstairs and leaned on the half wall the bed was up against an peered down to see K quickly undressing and making his way to me up the stairs.  I was giddy.  I was like a school girl getting the reward of a lifetime.  In a way, I was.

K stalked up the stairs to find me sitting in the middle of the bed bubbling in excitement.  He instructed me to take off my clothes, and with that nudge, I began to peel the dress off my body with some assistance from K.  He helped me unclasp my bra, tossing that too in an uncermonious pile on the floor where my clothing would lie until we were done.  Naked and centered on the bed, K parted my legs with one hand, fingering my clit and sucking on one of my nipples, making me grasp instantly.  It minutes I heard the footsteps of both B and T upcoming up the stairs to join K and I.  I laid on the bed flat on my back while both T and K sucked my nipples. K continue to finger my pussy making me squirming under his diligent movements. With mouths full of delicious titties, we reorganized ourselves for something a little more intricate. I think it was T's cock I had in my mouth first, then B's.  T had positioned himself on the side of me so that K could still fuck me while I sucked his cock and B stood slightly above me so that T could suck his cock. Picture this: a cock in my pussy, a cock in my mouth and the cock that's in my mouth has a cock in his mouth! Out of the four of us, only two of us were making recognizable sounds while the other two of us were too busy with our mouths to utter anything other whimpers and moans of pleasure. We continued like this for a while until it was time to switch cocks in my mouth. B, who had stood above me, now rest over me completely so that I could suck his cock. I think he was more interested with playing with my breast and rubbing his cock in between them. At one point, K had rolled me over on my side so that he could fuck me in the ass -- and 8 inches in the ass is no joke. When he rolled me over, I felt T's cock and my mouth. And sucked and swirl away I did. When I had a chance to look over at K, he had B's cock in mouth. Yes, it as a train. T's cock in my mouth, K's cock in my ass and B's cock in K's mouth. We were interconnected in one long wonderful sexual line. Our moans, our sounds, our pleas for more only increased. I remember at one point, I had to slow K down from fucking me in the ass because he was on a wild one and I was barely able to cope. He slowed, but never stopped unless it was time to switch positions again. And we did.

I, was still getting fucked by K perpendicularly with our legs entangled in some sex hold for dear life, K -- now with T's cock in his mouth and B behind K, grinding him slowly. I don't know what it was about those three men in that moment pleasuring one another, it was a turn on you wouldn't believe. Luckily for me, I had enough thought to raise my head and watch for a few blissful for moments until K increase his thrust, causing me to lie back down and in moan in ecstasy. We fucked hard. We sucked hard. And then, we had another twister change in position. This time, I was sucking off B while I stroked T, until I was sucking T off and T was sucking off B. I watched B rub and flick T's nipples as he thrusted hard into T's mouth. I felt B's wild movement through T's body while my mouth locked onto his cock. K never slowed his movements in fucking, he too, looking at T and B enjoying each other. Soon, as I would later learn, B had a his second orgasm in T's mouth, half of it spilling on me. B's hot cum dripped from T's mouth and K rubbed it all over my arm and shoulder massaging B's seed into my skin.

It wasn't long after B's nut that both T and B had exhausted themselves and headed back downstairs to the main bed. K and I FUCKED. Real good. K came back to back hard inside me. Watch him cum was probably the most erotic thing of that morning -- well, maybe among many erotic events. His hips pressed harder into me, his speed increased rapidly and and he threw one hard thrust into me after another until he had nothing left to give. He shook what he had left and fell onto the bed resting next to me, pulling me into a tight embrace as he came down from his orgasms. I had a few of my own thanks to K's skillful index and middle fingers. He laid there quietly basking -- in what was for me -- the raunchiest sex I had ever had. And would hope to have again. A short time later, K and I had gather ourselves off the bed, looking at how we destroyed it to go shower, lingering on the thoughts of what had just transpired earlier that morning. It had taken some time and thought in getting bodies positioned, cocks in the right places, and the having amazing elicit sex to have the four of us properly trained.

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