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Cheeks Were Happy

It was prom night.  And although prom had been a pretty spectacular event with an even better turn out, I was more concern with the after prom party.  I had spent 3 weeks planning the after prom.  25 of of friends and I rented 2 rooms for the night at a half-way decent motel two blocks from the Renaissance Hotel, where we had our prom.  The clerk was chill.  He understood it was our prom, so he gave us the last rooms toward the back so that we would not disturb any of the other guest.  I was in charge of renting the rooms, collecting the money and making sure everyone had a good time.  Including me.  

I had left prom earlier than everyone else to set the room up and to meet up with another friend whose mom was supplying the drinks.  I had taken my date with me (who would later be my boyfriend shortly after prom night) to help me bring all the drinks, cups and ice into the rooms.  My friend's mom also supplied the music equipment.  After all, why should the dancing stop.  Along with setting up the fun, I had changed outfits.  My prom dress was a hand-made champagne colored halter dress.  Gorgeous.  My after prom outfit was a one-piece pin-striped halter ensemble.  With one zipper in front that glided from my waist to my cleavage.  It was sexy.  And was perfect for the after prom.  

People poured in shortly from the prom.  My 25 friends had invited what seemed like 10 friends each of their own.  It was a booming event to say the least.  Under age kids were, dancing and getting all to comfortable with one another.  And so was I.  I found myself idly talking to male friend much about nothing.  I can't recall the conversation we were having but I can recall the position we were in.  I had on top of him, straddling my legs on either side of him on one of the double beds in the room.  He, was pinned underneath me, tuxedo jacket off, shirt pulled out from his pants and hung loosely around his football built body.  Sometime during the conversation, he had unzipped my outfit as far as it would go reveling a black laced bra I was barely staying inside of.  His hands had move to my waist and he began to rock me slowly over his hips.  He would shift me the right and raise his hips into me, then shift me the left and repeat.  This went on for awhile.  In the midst of a party.  With other people.  Looking or not looking.  I was caught up in the moment, I don't know if anyone was paying us any mind.  It didn't matter.  We weren't stopping.  Even when his hands had made their way from the outside of my ensemble to underneath the material that was now barely covering my upper body.  While rocking body over his hips, I had leaned over him and one of my breasts slip out of the cup of my breast. Instinctively, he pulled lower and pulled that naked nipple in his mouth.  If someone was watching before, I had to have at least one pair of eyes on me.  He suckled that nipple like it was life-saving nectar.  And I let him.  I didn't push him off.  I didn't pull away. I didn't even try to cover myself up.  I let him suck my tit and grope the breast while doing it.  

After he had gotten his fill, I finally raise myself off of his and his hard-on, corrected my clothing -- somewhat -- and rejoined the party.  But it wouldn't be long before we'd find ourselves in each other's company that night.

As the night wore, people started leaving and those of us who decide to stay the night claimed our areas.  I shared a bed with my nipple sucking friend, my date passed out in the tub in the bathroom, one friend knocked on the floor in-between the two beds and two more friends claimed the other bed.  Sometime during the wee morning, I felt a arm slipped around my waist pulling me toward to a hard chest and a big dick.  My male friend had woken up during the night/morning and was feeling really horny.  REALLY horny.  I changed once more into a large t-shirt before climbing into.  I had chosen not to wear any panties.  Lucky for him.  Still half asleep, I didn't his hand any mind.  That was, until his hand found the hem of my shirt and raised it over my hips resting on top of breast exposing much of me to anyone who might be looking.  His hand roamed my over my body, rubbing my hips, gently smacking my ass and kneading my breast.  He massaged my body to the point I was almost lulled back to sleep when I felt him knocking on the backdoor.  Lying in a spooning position, he had freed his cock and was preparing to shove that 7 in meter in my virgin ass.  At first, I was a little nervous and a little freaked.  Still drowsy from sleep, I pulled away from him.  He pulled back.  And tighten his hold.  And shortly after, he firmly pushed him hard cock in my ass and a I gasped loudly and moaned.  It was painful.  He stretch me completely like no one ever had by before.  And yet, I didn't want him to pull out.  How could something hurt and feel good at the same time?  He scooted himself closer to me and pushed himself a little further.  Shit! that too much he pressed inside me when he moved closer.  And yet, I needed more. Then he began to thrust.  Pumping himself inside. Goddammit, that something. His hand roamed from my breast to my pussy, fondling either or.  Harder, he pumped.  Deeper he thrust.  He was fucking my ass.  And I was letting him.  I think I was enjoying.  It hurt but in that turned on kind of way.   Harder.  Deeper.  Faster.  Deeper. Faster. Harder.  Deeper.  Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder. Deeper. Harder. Faster. Deeper.  Harder. Faster.  Deeper. Faster.  Harder.  

Then he came.  He pulled out just in time for me to feel his hot cum coat the outside of my ass. I laid there.  Catching my breath and feeling my ass clench trying to find it shape once more.  Then he hard rolled over and finished sleeping.  We separated his cum and lost anal virginity.  I was surprised that no one had woken up.  Neither one of us were quiet during our activity.  Maybe the were and were enjoying the sighing of sweet anal fucking.  Maybe they were so tired they had no idea that two of the temporary roommates had fucked inches from them.  Maybe it didn't matter.  After all, these cheeks were happy. 

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