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The Best Things Come in 3s

It was Saturday afternoon and K had called to say he was on his way to place from his.  But we had already spoken much earlier that morning.  He called me from a hotel room in which he had met up with T for a little rendezvous.  T had been out of town for a couple of weeks on business and had only returned recently.  And like the gentleman K is, he thought he'd give T the proper welcome.  A hard dick in his ass. 

K had texted me at 5:43am letting me know that he was fucking T and if I wanted to listen in, to give him a call.  About half an hour later, I had woken to find such a message and in my sleepy haze, dialed K.  He must have been in mid stroke we he answered, because from exertion.  And T could be heard in the background moaning from the pummeling he was receiving.  K sound happy to hear my voice.  We said brief hellos before he passed the phone to T and I greeted him too.  T spoken gritted teeth as he was taking all 8 inches of K's cock in his ass. Jealous -- just a little -- I was talking to K again as T must've been unable to talk and take a rock hard cock in ass at the same time.  K described everything he was doing to T's ass and T seemed to be in agreement with every thrust as I could hear a clear moan or grunt from him through the phone.  K told me how deep he was going in T's ass, the kinds of strokes he was giving him.  He even mentioned how he wished I was with the two of them the. K and I talked for about 30 minutes while he fucked T hard, and I, on the other end just listening, pleasured myself listening to sound of joy coming from T wishing it was me.  I've seen K fuck T and I know for a fact that K has no remorse of his ass whatsoever, so every sound that escaped T mouth's was a testament to the sensation K was delivering to his body.  Two loads of cum K had released from his body before he left that hotel room with T.  And if nothing else, he wanted to release one more.  Which is why he was headed towards me.

He said he really needed pussy and mine was the only one he wanted.  

Once K was in my apartment his clothes and mine were off in a matter of seconds and he had me on the bed purring his name. With mouth firmly wrapped around on my nipples, he used one of his legs to spread open mine and rub my clit.  As he sucked and swirled my aching nipple in his mouth, his fingers frantically rubbed in circular of my clit and I felt my body build up an orgasm.  I clutch the opposite side of the bed and felt my body began to jerk.  K's mouth and finger never stopped or slowed.  His mouth kept swallowing and his kept rubbing... until, I came.  But one wasn't enough for K.  He kept rubbing my clit until at least 3 more orgasm were free from my hot sticky pussy.  Just when I thought I was able to regain my breath, he rolled me to my side, applied the slickest lube known to man over my asshole and firmly shove his hot cock in my ass.  At the pressure was to much.  Having the whole length of him fill my ass.  But as he kept pushing himself further in, the pressure gave way to pleasure and I found myself in need.  In desperate need of his cock.  It was hard.  It was firm.  And it wasn't letting up anytime soon.  Any time his cock accidentally slipped out, I would whimper in protest of that lost sensation of missing dick from my ass. How empty I felt.  How unfulfilled.  But sure enough, he would slipped himself back in filling me to the point of joyous tears.  Each time he slipped out only made it that much more easier for him to slide back in.  It was euphoric every time.  But soon K needed to release all this hot pressure of his dick thrusting inside my tight ass. His pounding became more wilder, more erratic and without regard of any rhythm he once kept in pace with.  He pumped deeper and harder and faster.  It become almost unbearable to take him my asshole anymore.  I wanted to scream.  Then all of sudden, his rapid thrusts slowed as he grunted shooting hot cum in my ass, leaving a piece of himself inside of me.  He had cradled me in his arms, holding me as if to hold in his white creamy treasure he had shared with me.  As he caught his breath and we both came down, he rolled be back onto back and began to finger my clit once again, until another series of orgasms under his steady guidance.  I laid in the bed with K after having lost count of how many orgasm I during that session once we reached double digits.  He would then rolled me over onto my stomach and fuck my ass with his hand until I felt my pussy getting wet from the inner wall he stroked.  If it's possible, I came from anal arousal and I loved every bit of it.  It was by far the most I had ever cum in my short little life and the most I had ever enjoyed every nasty moment of it.

But that was Saturday.

Sunday, was 'nother fuck fest.  

K came over Sunday morning after he had visited B and a mutual friend of theirs for some play time for part deux with me.  Again, K had worked his magic hands over my clit.  I was actually in the middle of laundry when he stopped by and once I told him I need to put my wash into the dryer he agreed to not getting one another worked in such a short time.  Ha!  Before I could go down to the laundry he had be panting over under after to orgasms, blaming it on the lack of self control he has whenever he sees me. As quick as those orgasm were, they were only drop in the bucket of what I would be experiencing once I could finish my domestic chore.  Even raising myself off the bed, I felt me legs give a little from the burst of exertion I was forced to give when I spread myself open for K.   Once back in his arms on the bed, he quickly began to make fast work of my ass, lubing it up to liking sliding himself at just the right angle to hit all the spots that make me call him "Daddy" and beg for more.  He's not a quick cum.  Never has been.  He likes to take his time, but still keep the moment.  He loves going as deep as he call, he loves to be in complete control.  But most of all, he loves knowing he's pleasuring my body with his own.  No, he is not a quick.  His strokes always has a pace, a steady rhythm and more likely than not, I'll cum -- a few times -- before he does.  He likes knowing my pleasure points, what makes me shutter, what makes me squirm with glee.  What makes me give up any thought and given in totally to his will.  I laid on my side and back as we adjusted the two of us to my sounds and moans, and continue to hit all the right spots I never knew I had.  He found the sweet spot in the middle of pumping, right behind my ear that made me want to melt.  He would lock me in a tight embrace, dick deep in my ass, pacing his thrusting and graze the back of ear that sent a network of sensations throughout my whole body I could not control.  I shuddered, several times in his arms, unable to free myself from the overwhelm pleasure that over took my body.  The thought I recall I had was the fact I could not think.  But once I felt his rapid pounding begin, I knew "Daddy" was going to give me a little piece of him all over again.  Grabbing my hips and keeping me steady along with him, his pumped and thrust and pounded to the point of ache.... then came.  Inside my sweet tight ass.  Twice, so far he had left precious gifts for me.  

But that was Sunday.  

Monday was proof that the best things in life come in threes.

I had come from work early -- very early -- and for no apparent reason other than I wanted to hear from him, I texted K.  I told him the circumstances in which I left work and that I was home.  He had a meeting in the middle of day, but had asked that once it was over, could he swing by.  Who am I to tell him no?  Sure, he could.  A little after 1pm, K calls saying that he's outside my building.  I go down to let him and greet in a long blue and gold maxi dress that barely covers my breasts.  As I open the door, I notice his eyes immediately fixated on my rack and the word that could escape his lips were "wow".  Provocative.  That was the goal. As we made our made my to my apartment, again we immediately began to disrobe, clothes, coming off, being thrown every which way.  Naked.  Immediately.  Completely.  In the middle of the day on a Monday.  My legs are spread once again.  I assume the position I grow accustomed to over the past couple of days.  My legs practically fall open in desperate anticipation for his touch.  His magic.  His absolute control.  And that's exactly what I surrender to him.  Control.  The moment his hands touch my skin, I give him all control to pleasure my body and take pleasure from my body.  And he did.  He worked over my clit several times, ensuring that I came as many times as we he wanted to, never leaving me clit even after I had cum.  Only slowing down allowing me to draw in enough breath for the next build up.  And once we presumed I was ready, he was back at making me shriek with pleasure and clench for dear life.  In his arms once again, my spread open for the taking, I let K take. I let K take pleasure and give pleasure to my aching, sweet pussy that seemed to now beg for his touch.  And once again, as if addicted to that ass, K rolled me over, lubed up the asshole and fucked me good.  I'm talking about deep strokes.  I-own-this-ass strokes.  He wanted me and anyone who didn't go to work either that Monday to know he owned this ass.  And deep he went.  Deep, as if he was fucking me for the first time in my ass he needed to go slow, deep.  So deep, I knew this would be the day he tore me in two.  I felt him slide all the way in and pull just about all the way out, keep the tip in.  After all, he owned this ass.  And he was hell bent on making sure I knew that, in case I didn't.  Oh, I promised you -- if I had any doubts -- he fucked them away good.  But K didn't cum just once.  K didn't cum just twice.  He came three times.  Emptying three separate loads of hot sticky controlling loads of cum in my ass.  After each time he came, he would pull out briefly to make sure I got all of his creaminess, rubbing it along the walls of my ass, then shove his still very hard cock my in back and fuck me until he shot his next load.  

Never had I known a man to cum 3 times.  Maybe twice.  Maybe.  On  really good day when the best of his semen had been saved.  But three times?  No.  K, was working himself over on me and he clearly wanted to me know and feel it.  Monday, I had easily came 8 or 9 times, but K had cum 3.  Three magic times.  He was hot and sweaty and spent.  He had spent every drop inside me and he had never felt happier to give me all those loads.  I had never felt happier to received them.  Over three days, we collectively had dozens of orgasms.  We laid in the bed for awhile, both coming down from a sex high like no other.  Both of us enjoying each other's bodies and touching each other's skin.  And K would begin touching me, groping and nibbling my titties, fingering my pussy.  But we still laid in awe of those three wonderful orgasms he emptied into my body.  Pure magic.  Pure bliss.  We are now both believers that the best things in life come in threes.

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