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bbw1986: I am FINALLY going to make it out to a party. I am looking forward to meeting you all!
5d ago
bbw1986: See ya on the 20th in SD
5d ago
StillNaked: Hi LuLu....How are you....How was your weekend....
5d ago
StillNaked: DavidD, what's up you doin champ
5d ago
StillNaked: DavidD, are you really trying to score some drugs bro????....cause I got that Tylenol, Benadryl, Advil, Bayer, Pepto, DayQuil, NyQuil...I even got ZzzQuil
5d ago
StillNaked: Let me know what you need lil buddy, I got you bro
5d ago
wannaplay84: Any ladies that wanna play in the 818 lmk 8188148569
5d ago
bigblackstar88: Any Ladies plan on going to tomorrow’s party? I hope to see you there.
5d ago
Snide: Anyone wanna have some fun on Kik ?
4d ago
DavidD: your homie cvs lol. I'm all set. Besides being censored, everything is tip top magoo. and I see you're still.... Naked.
4d ago
DavidD: who's gonna post the first ad? I don't wanna be the first. I scared
4d ago
guy_camaro: Done.
3d ago
GARNET: Wishing I could go to tonight's party!! I need to have some fun!!
3d ago
bigblackstar88: You should come on through Garnet. What’s stopping you?
3d ago
GARNET: I don't drive, and I don't have money for a train ticket or hotel.. I would need a ride up there and back from el Cajon
3d ago
bigblackstar88: Ahhh I see, I’m sorry....
3d ago
GARNET: No worries.. It happens all the time. I am used to it...
3d ago
StillNaked: DavidD, DUUDE....keep it low key son....don't put the homies name on blast bruh....
3d ago
StillNaked: So I see you know my plug, but I got other connects....glad to see you're tip top spot on cheerio....yes I'm still Naked cause I'm STILL HERE
3d ago
StillNaked: Can't get rid of me son....a party ain't a party if it ain't a NAKED one....
3d ago
Snide: Too bad I'm in Rosarito right now. But looking forward to the SD party on the 20th , who would like to carpool I live in Santa Ana Orange County hmu if you want a ride
3d ago
StillNaked: GARNET....come party with me in SAN FRANCISCO....I'm here for the WEEK going to a few swinger clubs....and I'm also going to Carl's Jr....
3d ago
StillNaked: But I'm also craving Taco Bell and KFC
3d ago
StillNaked: America FUCK YEA
3d ago
MaDameMozelle: Kaboo in Del Mar this weekend!!!
3d ago
GARNET: sounds fun Moze!!
3d ago
GARNET: Love Halloween time!! All the stores and shops open and Halloween things out on display!! Spirit Halloween is the Sh*t!!!!
3d ago
Glistening-Vagina: Hello Sexy peoples
Glistening-Vagina: I hope to see you at the bbw party on the 20th
bbw1986: Glistening-Vagina - I hope to meet ya there too! I'm looking forward to making it and meeting people in person
Xchill619: Im a 27 year old guy looking to have fun in spring valley any women interested ? Snap chat xchill619
GARNET: I cant wait tilit cools down!! I HATE this heat!!!
MaDameMozelle: 5 more days....
23h ago
DavidD: G - ya fuck this. I'm so useless when it's over 90 degree😭😭
10h ago
GARNET: Same here. I cannot function right.
9h ago
Tallbrownchubbylatino: What’s good ladies tall chubby Latino in echo park near dtla
6h ago
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Oh did I get your attention? Some suggested viewing for your leisure time enjoyment. Kind of a fresh take on porn. For me anyway. And co-starring Karla Lane, instant fave amirite?! I just started reading the reviews below the video. Its def not the pornhub
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