Naked: I always thought women found it flattering and is a great way to express your gratitude and
6d ago
SexxxySixxx: Hey Triple6!!!
5d ago
Triple6: Hey Chica how are you doing?!
5d ago
DavidD: Funny I was gonna say 'dub dipping' but chunky dunking- That sounds like my new fave event😛
5d ago
DavidD: lmao Naked. Good to see you back in the mix, Player.
5d ago
Naked: DavidD....Double D, my Bro from another Mo....what's gucci you been..
5d ago
DavidD: Eh, its been quite a year. Just came across this Patrice O'Neal set
5d ago
Naked: Quite a year??? Cheer up slugger, you've never let anything bring you down before...that's what makes Double D so awesome, his resilience and positive outlook..
4d ago
Naked: Patrice is the bees knees...definitely one of my favs, among Joe Rogan, Jeff Ross and can't forget about Bill Burr
4d ago
justforfun619: Any ladys in SD looking to hang out tonight
4d ago
grbbwlvr: @naked @sinfulkitty83 FA can Not come close to any bbwkisses event. First off it's a swingers club not a sex addict club very big difference in saying that alone no disrespect to Bbwkisses in any way I love this site and it's love for SSBBW's and BBW as well as all other groups trans bi gay strait switch or fetishes for that matter. As for FA it's straight swingers and bi female friendly only!... But has no evfet to include the BBWs or SSBBW swingers, "in the lifestyle"
4d ago
grbbwlvr: It's a very strict and we'll run place where there are annual membership dues as well as very high-priced entry fees depending on the event, and a rage of 300+ cold and single ladies with very very limited single men unicorns galore.
4d ago
grbbwlvr: Couple*
4d ago
MaDameMozelle: love unicorns
4d ago
grbbwlvr: Hey MaDame, long time no see
4d ago
MaDameMozelle: wats new peopels
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Triple6, just working in the houses, and planning the wedding! Can’t wait to hit all the bridal shows this month!
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: My new kitchen is gonna be amazing! All white, with lots of counter space!
2d ago
MaDameMozelle: Kitchens with lots of counter space is amazing
2d ago
MaDameMozelle: sixxx are you getting married
2d ago
Eric: hi, ladies
2d ago
sinfulkitty83: I don't disagree with you at all. I haven't been to FA since 2006ish
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Moxelle, yes! We are having a Día de Los Muertos themed wedding on No ember 6, 2020! I’m so excited! I can’t wait!
2d ago
Sfvscott: What are good bars to meet beautiful curvey women?
sinfulkitty83: I don't know if it's still open but The Butterfly Lounge in Santa Ana was nice when I went there
MaDameMozelle: Butterfly lounge closed years ago
22h ago
sinfulkitty83: Oh no really? That sucks big time
12h ago
crimsonCHEF: good morning all :)
12h ago
DavidD: LOL! I was seriously like, 'Double Ds??! Where? Who? I do not know her...yet' Then, 'dang Naked has a weird way of spelling pervert'😄
11h ago
7h ago
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