Beardedbro: Who's going to the BBW party on Friday?
7d ago
Sexyxicana17: Sexxxysixxx if only i had a car i would parry with you nonstop sister!!!!
6d ago
SexxxySixxx: Xicana, if I had a way to get you, I'd invite you, too! Send your number!
6d ago
Sexyxicana17: Kik me at pather17
6d ago
SexxxySixxx: Xicana, I don’t have kik. Private message me here
6d ago
Nasty760: I just bought a new car!
6d ago
Nasty760: So happy
6d ago
Nasty760: Vegas here I come!
6d ago
Iamwhatyouneed: anyone need ride to van nuys party tomorrow
6d ago
King_4BBW: Kik Streetfighter2020 9 inch bbc
6d ago
riversidedude: I need to get pegged...any ladies wanna help?
5d ago
Sexyxicana17: Riversidedude if u have ur owe toy i can help just dont ask me to toss ur salad
5d ago
asimo2030: Hi folks. I can exchange a ride with getting in for free. And I'm a lovely guy
5d ago
MRMIX1: whats the address for the party tonight
5d ago
vero7778: These parties have air conditioning right because it is HOT today.
5d ago
smackel: There's a few fans, it doesnt get too warm
5d ago
timster: Anyone down to just meet up this weekend in SD?
5d ago
Iamwhatyouneed: how is the party so far?
5d ago
Iamwhatyouneed: anyone need a ride!?
5d ago
Shyguy79: I'm here for the BBW party
5d ago
Lacey_Leather818: Anyone going to the pizza party on Wednesday?
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Pizza? Yum!!! LOL
2d ago
Sexyxicana17: Anybody in the oc that can host????
2d ago
Sexyxicana17: I need my pussy licked and fucked like no tomorrow
2d ago
Sexyxicana17: Kik me if u can host me
2d ago
MRMIX1: i am in the oc for now we could get room
2d ago
GARNET: am in need of comforting. hard day today.... god what is wrong with some people?!
23h ago
SexxxySixxx: What's wrong, G?
19h ago
scratch20122012: Is the pizza party pretty much all TGirls, or does truly everyone go? Anyone have any experience?
10h ago
jasonlast19888: Almost always nothing but tgirs
8h ago
SexxxySixxx: lol
8h ago
GARNET: its all inclusive, but yes, mostly tgirls and men...
7h ago
SexxxySixxx: I just need a Domino's cheddar cheese pan pizza delivered to me with a Starbuck's raspberry VanillaBean Frap!!!
6h ago
Lacey_Leather818: Prefer van nuys location, but yes pizza event is a tgirl event
4h ago
Lacey_Leather818: May go tonight, want to go with me scratch?
4h ago
scratch20122012: Can't do tonight Lacey. I happened to be in the NoHo area this afternoon which is why I was checking on that.
3h ago
scratch20122012: Jason and Garnet: Thanks for the info!
3h ago
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