lns4ever1904: Whats happening on the. 18th Mozelle
4d ago
JRBIG87: Cockfest
4d ago
JRBIG87: Ladies what's going down tonight cause the party aint
4d ago
SexxxySixxx: Damn! The party sucked or what?
4d ago
Hornystick: Anyone going to the sd party?
3d ago
Alj269269: I'm thinking of attending the sd party tonight. Anyone else?
3d ago
Laura3632: Gping to GM tonight! Anyone else?
3d ago
lns4ever1904: GM?
3d ago
Biwahinelani: Aloha everyone
3d ago
Laura3632: Gary and Margaret
3d ago
guy_camaro: How was it tonight laura
3d ago
Laura3632: Good! Busy i had fun
3d ago
SexxxySixxx: Ever wake up looking like a blow up doll?
3d ago
niceguywithabigpenis: I haven't been to a party in a long time. Are they fun?
2d ago
Lacey_Leather818: Yes Nick omg you need to come to Van Nuys!
2d ago
MaDameMozelle: Is it Tuesday yet? Soo ready
2d ago
Sancho: Just woke up can’t sleep
2d ago
timster: Anyone up to hang out in SD this week?
2d ago
JRBIG87: Yes it sucked
DavidD: Sixxx- Not that I can recall. I have kissed people, live humans, that felt like I was scamming a blow up doll
DavidD: then I smelled like a south american grandmother. luckily I had a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer. that neutralized the scent/kept me from heaving👺
Laura3632: That's nasty David!! I'm sorry you went through that
guy_camaro: Sixx did you take a selfie to share the look? I am curious now...lol
DavidD: Thanks Laura. I may have dramatized a tiny bit for effect. I was at a sex party afterall. Like pizza; even when its bad, its still pretty good.👉👌
22h ago
Laura3632: LOL... Not for women... When pizza is bad... It's just bad. LOL
22h ago
MaDameMozelle: lol yeah pizza can be bad... specially if its soggy
20h ago
DavidD: Where do you gals get soggy pizza?? wtf. thats like a terrorist act
20h ago
MaDameMozelle: Its a metaphor
20h ago
DavidD: That was my next guess. this must be another women's exclusive. I'll see myself out👋
20h ago
MaDameMozelle: So ready for hot tub and full body rub down later today!
20h ago
MaDameMozelle: Radisson
6h ago
Sexyxicana17: Im at the raddisson!
4h ago
MaDameMozelle: Sorry we were in hot tub
4h ago
wantalife: is there a party at a Raddison? open to others?
3h ago
MaDameMozelle: yes
3h ago
wantalife: where is the info/address posted?
2h ago
wantalife: oh I guess in Mira Mesa
1h ago
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