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Vanilla Chocolate Swirl

I travel for business occasionally and when I do I like to plan ahead.  Most of you know that I like putting a face to the font.  In other words, meeting the people that I chat with here on a regular basis.  So I plan ahead and try to meet up with people on a social basis so we can say hi, share a hug, have a drink and get to know each other a bit.  


On one of my recent trips I had made arrangements to meet J for a drink.  We had met once before, but it was briefly and in a different setting, making it difficult to have a more personal conversation.  It wasnt planned this way, but it sort of worked out that we met in the lobby bar of the hotel I was staying at.  I knew it was him when he walked in.  Our online and email conversations were full of sexual tension, and I could feel it in the air before he even got to the table where I was sitting.  There he was, walkin towards me in his jeans and tshirt.  Casual, but confident.  I love watchin a man walk towards me, especially when they are tall dark skinned and full of confidence.  They know what they want and know how to get it.  


J sat down next to me, leaned over and gave me a light kiss before telling me how he had been looking forward to this meeting all day.  Im gonna be honest, I was just about speechless.  That kiss had been very polite, totally acceptable in any social setting, but the hand that reached up and discreetely grabbed my hair was full of promise and it damn near made me melt right there at the table.  We ordered our drinks and chatted a bit.... flirting, making suggestive comments.  He seemed to enjoy making me blush and he did, nearly non stop.  I scooted a bit closer so I could put my hand on his leg and started lightly rubbing little circles with my nails until I was able to work my way to his cock.  I was surprised he had been able to sit there so casually with such a huge hard on.  I could feel him throbbing thru his jeans!  When we finished our drinks, he began to kiss and nibble on my neck, then whispered in my ear that maybe we should find somewhere more private to continue our conversation.  Of course I agreed!!!  I would have agreed to just about anything at that point.


We went upstairs to my room and barely got through the door before he grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall.  Pinning me with his arms.  Have I mentioned how incredible his chest and arms are???  And being short, and being pinned between him and the wall, I had one HELL of a good view of that chest.  I worked my hands under his shirt and lifted it enough that I could lick and kiss my way across his chest.  Then slowly worked my way down, using my tongue and lips until I reached the top of his jeans.  He was starting to breathe a bit harder but when I looked up I found him watching me intently, waiting to see what I would do next.  I undid his jeans and slowly slid them down until that big hard black cock sprang out at me.  Now that was an eyefull!!  Which of course I immediately slipped my lips around and made it a mouthful.  I had slid down the wall by now and was on my knees, working his cock in and out of my mouth, massaging his balls with one hand and grabbing his ass with the other.  I could hear him moaning and tensing up but suddenly he was pulling out of my mouth and grabbing my arms to pull me back up, pinning me once again against the wall.  This time he leaned down to kiss me.  THIS was not the polite social kiss from earlier.  But an intense, hard, tongues exploring kiss.  I was breathless when he broke off the kiss and started kissing my neck, nibbling on my ear, grinding his body against mine and only stepping back enough to get a hold of my shirt and yank it over my head, tossing it somewhere behind him.  He went back to my neck and grabbed enough hair to pull my head to the side, giving him easy access to that special spot between my neck and collarbone.  He teased around with his lips until he felt me tremble, then sucked hard on that spot.  He reached down and put a hand between my legs, rubbing thru my jeans, just in time to feel them get wet.  My legs turned to jello and I started to slide down to the floor, pulling him with me......


Aaaand, I am out of time.  Stay tuned for the rest (hopefully tomorrow)............ 


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wow... what happened here?
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