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Vanilla Chocolate Swirl PT 2

We were on our knees, still pressed against each other but our hands were working frantically to get clothes off each other.  He laid me down on the floor and kissed his way down my body, stopping to undo the jeans and slide them off.  He stopped every few inches to lay kisses across my belly, then down over my hips and eventually down my legs as he worked the jeans off me.  Then he slid his body back up mine until he was laying on top of me.  We were both naked by now and I could tell he was very happy about being here with me.  I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and brought him down for a long hard kiss.  I nibbled on his lower lip making him moan before our tongues started exploring each other.  


He rolled us over and positioned me just right so that when he lowered me down, it was in the perfect position for his dark hard cock to enter me.  I sat up and rode him until we were both on the edge of orgasm.  I tried to slide off, wanting to extend our play, but he held me in place and told me "no baby, I have plenty for you, keep goin"... so I did.  A few more strokes and I felt him shooting inside me, which made me cum as well.  I was laying on top of him, his cock still inside me, when I realized OMG, hes still hard!!!


I gasped and looked at him and he just laughed before saying "now we can take our time".  He pulled me up and led me into the bathroom where he turned on the shower.  I had a hard time concentrating watching him walk around with the hard on, but let him decide what would be next.  I love turning control over to the man!  He helped me into the shower then climbed in with me.  Then grabbed the soap and started washing my body, front to back, top to bottom.  How sexy and relaxing to have this hot man treating me like a queen.  I returned the favor and washed him as well.  When the soap had been all rinsed off, I sank down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth again.  Working him back and forth with my mouth while the water sprayed on us both.  After some time, he lifted me up, turned me around and had me bend over.  My hands on the wall of the shower, water spraying on my back, he grabbed a handfull of wet hair and plunged into me hard!  He reached around and rubbed my clit while fucking me oh so damn hard.  I lost count of how many times he made me squirt like that, then pulled out, turned me around fast and told me to swallow his cum like a good slut.  I immediately put his cock in my mouth and started sucking, working his cum up and out, swallowing every last drop.  Not missing any!


We washed again since we were still in the shower, called room service and had some food and wine delivered.  After eating we laid on the bed, snuggling and just exploring each other with our hands and mouths before we got worked up and continued our night of naughtiness.  Thank you J, for making my business trip so enjoyable.  I get wet just thinking about our next rendezvoux.

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wow... what happened here?
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