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Fly on the Wall

Ever wonder what a woman does to get ready for her date with a special friend?  Here's your chance to be the fly one the wall, watching her get ready for her hot date....


Mmm... I am so looking foward to my date with you tonight.  Its been so long since Ive seen you and I know we are gonna have a hot wonderful time.  I know the entire time we are out to dinner your cock is gonna be hard, waiting until you can find us a dark corner or secluded spot to have sex in.  Here's how Im going to prepare for out date.....


I pour myself a drink and turn on some sexy music before heading for the master bath.  I find my favorite bubble bath and run the water steaming hot just how I like it.  I kick off my heels and slowly slip off my jeans down over my hips, doin a little wiggle to the music, and let them drop to the floor.  I slip my shirt off and turn off the water while Im standing there in just a thong and bra.  I dance a bit to the music, the unhook the bra and let it fall to the floor before finally hooking my thumbs under the thong and slipping it slowly down.   I slowly step into the tub and sink down into the water, watching my skin get pink as it hits the hot water.  Mmm.... it feels so good, and the bubbles against my skin have that slight tickle thing goin on.  I grab my favorite soap and damn it smells good!!  I soap up my entire body slowly, lifting each leg up out of the water so I can get the soap all the way down to my toes.  Then work my way back up, slowly up the insides of my thighs, over my hips and lift my ass up to make sure the cheeks get soapy.  Then over my belly and slowly working circles over my tits, watching the bubbles tickle and slide thier way down over my nipples.  I pay special attention to the pussy area, making sure Im all nice and clean, freshly shaved.  All yummy and waiting for your attention.  I also run my nails across my clit, making it nice and hard, bringing myself almost to the edge then backing off.  I dont want to cum yet, just work myself into a frenzy of anticipation.  After soaking a bit, listening to the music, sipping my drink, I get out and dry myself off with a big fluffy towel.


I take my drink and head back into the bedroom, not really walking, but loving the music and dancing my way in there.  I sit down at the dressing table, take another sip of my drink and look at the clothes I laid out earlier.... black thigh hi's.. slinky black dress and fuckme-red heels.  I stand up, walk over to the bed and put one foot up on it, take one of the thigh hi's and start slowly putting it on.  Imagining what its going to be like as I watch you take it off later.  Once its on, I run my fingers over my clit and slide them into my pussy, working them for just a moment, feeling the juices starting.  Im going to be SO WET FOR YOU!!!  I stop once again while Im still on that edge, I havent cum yet and I wont until you tell me to.  I lick and suck the juice from my fingers before picking up the other thigh hi.  I put it on slowly and once again make that detour to my pussy, getting my fingers all nice and wet for another taste.  I dont really want to wear any panties, but I know how much you love the red thong that matches the pumps, so I put it on as well.  Pulling it up just right so that as I move it rubs just right and keeps the juices flowing.  Im not sure I can keep the juice from running down my leg while we are in public tonight.  Matching red lace bra is next.  I give each nipple a hard pinch before tucking them away behind the red lace.  I want to make sure they are so very nice and sensitive for you later.  I slip the dress over my head, loving how it is cut so low in front that you can catch little glimpses of the red bra if you pay attention.  And I know that is where your eyes are going to be so often tonight.  I give myself the once over, making sure I look good enough for you.  Satisfied I sit down to brush my hair and put on my make up.  Thats all fairly routine, except for the bright red lipstick I know you love.  I slip one hand back down to my pussy so I can have one more taste before the lipstick goes on.  


There, Im all done.  Ready for you to arrive.  I rub my hands over the dress, smoothing it down and then just rubbing circles over my tits, giving them a squeeze, closing my eyes and imagining you here with me.  I pinch the nipples hard again and can feel myself almost ready to cum as I hear the doorbell ring..............

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