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Deep Thoughts about Warriors and Knights

See, this is what happens when I dont get enough sleep.  My head starts roaming and pretty soon I get something in my brain that I just cant let go.  Here's my latest "deep thought"....


Women have an inherent biological need for a warrior.  That bull of a man who will strut his stuff, flex his mightiness, fight off all other males... all for the pleasure of claiming his female.  Nature has groomed us to instinctively know that this is the male who will run side by side with us, protect us, and give us strong children.  Women may not want to admit to this, but its biology.  


Society has taught women that we must be self sufficient, strong and able to take care of ourselves... NO MAN NEEDED. I am Woman, hear me roar.  And all that other crap.  Society has been spouting this for so long that even the men believe it.  I AGREE.. I am woman.  I can take care of myself.  I can support myself and do just about anything a man can do.  BUT... we still have that instinctive little nugget inside of us that says otherwise.  Why do almost all little girls dream of the Knight in shining armor, riding in on his big white horse to rescue us and take us off to live happily ever after?  For a couple of generations now, we have been told that the knight in shining armor is a fantasy, not real life.  So why do we still dream of it?  Its that instinct again... the search for our Warrior.  Its why, even when we swear we arent, we are always on the lookout for that "relationship".  


I dont want the knight.  I want the warrior.  A knight would tuck me away in a castle, behind walls all safe and secure.  A Warrior would make sure I could fight our enemies as well as he can.  We could be side by side, fighting our battles.  Knowing that we had each others back, equals against what would threaten us.  Notice I said "could".  A Warrior would make sure I was his equal in life and love, yet also be the protector and provider.  Always there to fight the battle, but allowing me to fight by his side if I choose.  A warrior will make me feel safe just by wrapping his arms around me and holding me tight.  How can I feel the toughness of a man who is wrapped in armor?  That knight might be a pussy without being wrapped in steel.  It could be his sense of security behind that armor that makes appear brave.  A Warrior will know his own vulnerabilities and own them proudly, accepting of who he is, knowing he will still fight for what is his.


So for me.. give me the Warrior.  The lusty, passionate, animalistic lover who fights for what is his.  Takes what is his.  Owns what is his.  Protects, nurtures and loves what is his.  Takes pride in what he has won and earned. It wil never be boring.  

The problem... society has been preaching womens lib for so long that modern man, for the most part, has forgotten what a true Warrior is.   



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