Ricky_Bewbie: 😘😘 my girl 😘😘 Laura
5d ago
jrod08: Friday party! it will be a long drive from sd
5d ago
SexxxySixxx: Hi Diego!!!
5d ago
SexxxySixxx: Laptop crashed a few months ago, and now I can't access my Fet account, so I had to make another one!!! So frustrating!!!
5d ago
Ricky_Bewbie: Trying to upload a video here is a pain in the ass 😒
4d ago
BELIZESSBBW: Anybody in the Lancaster area coming ? If so hit me up
4d ago
bigblackstar88: So who is going to the party tonight???
3d ago
NerdiZombie: I'm going to try
3d ago
bigblackstar88: Ayyy
3d ago
bigblackstar88: Nerdi! It would be awesome to see you. It’s been a while.
3d ago
Lacey_Leather818: With the fires is the club tonight going to be open?
3d ago
NerdiZombie: The fires are a good 15 miles away the airport there is totally safe. The freeways are a different matter all together
3d ago
Karamel420bbw: Miss y'all xoxo
3d ago
niceguywithabigpenis: Oh, there is a party going on at Ronnies right now. Just a couple miles away. Oh well.
3d ago
iamwhatiam562: What’s going on near Long Beach tonight ?
3d ago
NerdiZombie: Dear man with beard who dominated me, I want more
3d ago
Colombia-2787: Hubby and i really want a 3 some with a bi guy anyone down 🙈
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Anyone hitting a Whittier party tonight?
2d ago
Lacey_Leather818: Nerdi it was quite a show! Had a blast watching you
SexxxySixxx: How was the party?
Lacey_Leather818: BBW night was wild had a blast
oliiiiiii85: Hi sexy
Bigfred285: Colombia-2787 still looking forthat 3rd person
22h ago
Bigfred285: Next pay anyone wanna take a first timer
21h ago
Bigfred285: *next party anyone wanna take a first timer
21h ago
SexxxySixxx: Happy Vets' Day to any servicemen!!!
21h ago
King_4BBW: Looking for some trouble!!!
18h ago
MRMIX1: when the party tonight had a good experince i meet to women . one of them live in van nuys did not catch her name i hope we could meet again !
15h ago
MRMIX1: i hope she remebers we role play mom and dad lol
15h ago
SexxxySixxx: When I hear "roleplay mom and dad," I can't help but think of answering the door in heels and an apron, with nothing else on!!! ;)
6h ago
guy_camaro: You can answer my door anytime six...
5h ago
SexxxySixxx: LOL, Guy!!!
2h ago
sdaddy4subbbws: Hello ladies!!
54m ago
Lacey_Leather818: Mr Mix it's Chandrel. I'll message you her number ;-)
21m ago
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Its that time again!! - 7 days ago
Friday BBW Party! Woohoo! Come Play ;-) - 7 days ago
Sweet BBW party on Friday. I'll be there - 7 days ago
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I would love to dance the night away with you and then fuck you all night long and then eat your pussy till I get you squirting multiple times~~!
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