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Last Night...

Firefox (my hubby) left early this morning for a trip out of town so I wanted to make sure his last night home was a good one.....


I had a business meeting last night and finished about 8:45.  I sent him a quick text when I was leaving the meeting "Be naked and laying in bed when I get there so I can lick you."  I didnt know whether or not he would since I knew he would be busy packing, but I thought about what I was going to do to him all the way home and I was SOOOO wet by the time I got there.  


The house was dark and quiet when I got home.  I found him laying on top of the bed, naked.  He had scooted down so that his legs hung over the side just enough that his big hard on was standing there waiting for me.  Perfect position for me to just walk in and wrap my lips around that big cock.  I stepped between his legs, not even bothering to change out of my business clothes.  I grabbed that big cock and gave one long lick from base to tip, then wrapped my lips around him and slowly sucked him in.  I worked my lips and tongue up and down, bringing him right to the edge several times before backing off, not letting him cum.  I used my hands to massage his balls and squeeze the base of his cock, while still working him with my mouth.  Sometimes I would rake my nails across his thighs or stomach, even pinching his nipples.  The whole time never letting him out of my mouth, working my way up and down his cock first fast then slower, soft then harder.  Whatever it took to keep him on the brink but never letting him cum.  Finally he pushed me off, hopped off the bed and bent me over the side.  No prep was needed, I was SOO wet that he could just thrust his cock into my pussy, hard and completely filling me.  He fucked me like that, bent over the bed, until he was ready to cum, then he pulled out... spun me around and shoved my face down to suck his cum.  I sucked every last drop and then kept licking and sucking until he was hard again.


He put me up on the bed, licked my pussy and sucked my clit before entering me again.  He fucked me again for a good 45 mins, making me squirt several times.  I could feel a growing puddle under my ass from all our juices.  I wont tell you ALL of the things he said and did to me that made me squirt... that would be giving away too many secrets.  But I promise you it was not a quiet or tame lovemaking.  It was wild, loud and on the edge. When we finally collapsed and were done, we both passed out in a sweaty heap, bodys still entwined, sticky from sweat and cum.  


He didnt finish packing last night, he had to finish it this morning and left a few minutes late, but Im not feeling guilty in the slightest.  I know the memory of our last night will get him thru the next four days until he gets home and we can do this all over again.

Frosti 06.09.2012 8 645
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wow... what happened here?
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