SDNeal: sgv = san gabriel valley its slight north of LA city still in la county
3d ago
Karamel420bbw: Sgv here too and yes the boredom is real
3d ago
SDNeal: ahhh think ill go lay down now
3d ago
JussDoinMe23: What a for some football All day!
2d ago
JussDoinMe23: hope everyone had some fun this weekend
2d ago
malecali: Be really interested to hear more about how the party went? Are the parties getting better now? Used to have an interest in going, but now I really don't know
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Kara, you still hosting parties or not???
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Yay for football and nachos!!!
2d ago
GARNET: the party had alot of people in there. a mixture. bbw's, tgirls and men. the bbw's played - every last one... I was watching alot. and got asked a few times to play, but I did not..
2d ago
GARNET: the tgirls werent so bad..
2d ago
Lady_Stark: Opted for private fun this weekend- a good choice :))
2d ago
geekJ: What!? Private Fun? You are denying all your admirers the pleasure of watching!😩
2d ago
SDNeal: some good games today
2d ago
GARNET: just gotta hate when I get sunburned! UGH!!
2d ago
CC007: So if there were a lot of BBW's at the event. , and they all played...then someone's theory just got smashed 😄
2d ago
2d ago
SDNeal: sunburns are no good
2d ago
GARNET: no, they aren't... my face and the back ofmy legs got the most of it..
2d ago
DarkDelight: Fun times in Camarillo got to love action in a distant cit. one on one turned into marathon group play :-)
2d ago
DarkDelight: wonder how bad the "weren't so bad" was but good you have fun. I've been to a party and there was one TS cool person but was a bit strange being asked to play so often
GARNET: lol. the tgirls werent too aggressive. there was one that I saw, that got told to back off, but other than that, they werent so bad..
malecali: That sounds night and day from what people were saying about the last party. weird, lol
GARNET: different strokes, different folks..
24h ago
DarkDelight: Yeah I would think I would need a date to feel comfortable going. In other news it's hot as hell everywhere!
20h ago
Lady_Stark: Good weather for nakedness.
19h ago
Lady_Stark: And sunscreen so the naughty bits don't burn.
19h ago
DarkDelight: True always good to be naked
18h ago
MistressNancy: Hello everyone, I am Mistress Nancy, and Blondie is my sissy sub bottom bitch boi!
17h ago
GARNET: I dare not go nudein the sun! I am way toopale, and burn like bacon!
8h ago
sirhc1982: Mmmm....Bacon....
44m ago
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