spunkasaurus: I'll take the cold shower too
3d ago
Hahafcku: Wat up fam
3d ago
one23notIt: What's up
3d ago
ervetguy: crickets tonight
3d ago
Sancho: No women on this site anymore I'm gonna just delete my account soon
2d ago
Laura3632: Sancho... last time i checked i was a woman... =)
2d ago
BbwHunter: @laura3632. Hit me up on the private chat. I love bbw
2d ago
Lady_Stark: *feels boobs* yep, I feel like a woman too.
2d ago
Rogue123: @Lady_Stark. Haha right? Last time I checked I was a woman too hmmm
2d ago
spunkasaurus: Case closed everyone! Some great sleuthing skills :)
2d ago
CC007: Just voted in the new poll....BBW ONLY party....YES PLEASE!!! :)
2d ago
CC007: Rouge123: You are 1000% Woman! ;)
2d ago
2d ago
ervetguy: Man here
2d ago
GARNET: 100% woman here as well.
2d ago
CC007: I can validate...ladies like Garnet, Lady Stark are the real deal...and they're fun to be around :)
2d ago
GARNET: awww thanks!!
2d ago
CC007: ;)
2d ago
Hahafcku: Who at the larty
2d ago
Hahafcku: party*
2d ago
Sancho: 3 or 4 out of the numerous women that used to be on here
Sancho: Blacks beach today
CC007: Happy TGIF everyone...let's do this!!
20h ago
Lady_Stark: I need to recharge and rehydrate before I do anything lol
19h ago
CC007: lol
19h ago
GARNET: date night! woot!!
15h ago
ervetguy: Got date night too. With my beer and ESPN
14h ago
spunkasaurus: re-visiting Real Sex episodes that was on HBO. With today's tech it would be great to see that series come back
11h ago
spunkasaurus: chapelle show's parody of that show always gets me
11h ago
GARNET: I used to watch Real Sex when I had hbo, I sure do miss it!!
43m ago
GARNET: no plans today... bleh!
43m ago
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Life is Great at 58 Even though I'm all alone At least I still have some Friends That call me on the phone No woman in my life No kissing hugs or sex At least I have masturbation For now it is the Best So much Stamina I don't know what to do Only Rosie kno
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Here I find myself 58 and single. For most of my adult life (after 30) I have always been in some sort of LTR. Now I find myself 2 years without any type of sensual/sexual connection with a woman and it is driving me Crazy!!! I want and need to touch a wom
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