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first I was locked out for weeks now no one is here what is wrong with this site
3 hours ago
22 hours ago
Having issues uploading my pics. Keeps failing to upload. :(
23 hours ago
Welcome back Kisses!
In SD today
2 days ago
site back up
2 days ago
well that\'s one way to wipe out competition.
2 days ago
2 days ago
Sites back up but now I guess I gotta put up new pics... hmm cock shots it is this time #newbeginnings lol
2 days ago
Server died, site in a time warp, need to re-upload pics and videos
4 days ago
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The site crashed, and we are in a 2013 version of BBWKisses.  If you had added pics in the last 3 years, they poofed when the server died. Pamela did a great job of recovering all the sites, but sometimes when sites crash hard, there is loss. So right now
Lady_Stark · 4 days ago

"You know what, Marques, I'm gone. I'm tired of your shit. Move!" FreezeEvery time I try to leave, he keeps pulling me back. Even when I fight, I still fall weak to him. I mean I know he's not good for me, but he's good to me and makes me feel like nothing
verbalorgasm · 735 days ago

Needing YouIt's 2 a.m. and I'm waken to the thought of pleasing youTasting youMaking you my midnight snackLike if the taste of you is something I lack.Still wrapped in my embraceWith sleep on your faceMy hands start to become friendlyAnd your nakedness giv
verbalorgasm · 737 days ago
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05.10.2015 19:24
Posted by Sexy_Pamela
The Auto Clear Machine
05.10.2015 21:25
Posted by Lady_Stark
I'm working on it. Flushing the spammers and other fun.
06.10.2015 01:18
Posted by qswtbt
HI HI all you lovlies
06.10.2015 01:54
Posted by ticklehead
Thanks for all the work bringing everything back!
06.10.2015 23:44
Posted by Sexy_Pamela
Photos are gone. Lets reload new ones.
07.10.2015 05:05
Posted by itsme
Lol I can only see 3 profiles every 24 hrs. Hadn't seen that in a long time. ;)
07.10.2015 23:58
Posted by Lady_Stark
Still a little bit of problems here and there.
08.10.2015 15:29
Posted by bigtitsman714
standard membership is too restricted...I need my premium pass back
08.10.2015 16:43
Posted by Gypsyslut17
Do II get my lifetime membership back?
08.10.2015 21:22
Posted by Lady_Stark
ok just message me
09.10.2015 00:45
Posted by GARNET
WOW!!! I added ALOT of pics thru 5 years. They are ALL GONE!!! I got a new laptop, and none of my pics are saved. *sigh* Damn. I do not feel like tryin to find all my pics and videos....
09.10.2015 00:54
Posted by Jesse1362
Garnet just make some new ones who knows they might end up been better
09.10.2015 00:59
Posted by GARNET
I have them on another site, but it's a pain in the ass...
09.10.2015 01:00
Posted by GARNET
Yes to making new ones...if I could find someone willing to take them with me
09.10.2015 01:02
Posted by Jesse1362
i m available if u need someone
09.10.2015 01:05
Posted by GARNET
lol. I am in San Diego. And seldom head to Los Angeles. Especially since I do not have a car
09.10.2015 01:11
Posted by Jesse1362
lol so true I let u know when I go to SD how about it
09.10.2015 01:13
Posted by GARNET
lol. okay
09.10.2015 01:16
Posted by Jesse1362
cool well goodnight got some sleep
09.10.2015 01:17
Posted by GARNET
gnight Jesse
09.10.2015 01:21
Posted by itsme
Anyone else having issues uploading pics? I keep getting a fail to upload message. :/
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Why? To enjoy life while im here!
4 days ago 0 comments Categories: Men Seeking Women Tags: #hangout #nightowl #singleman 
Im a barber by day, change for what sporting event or concert takes place at staples center. Energetic, down to earth, love to keep u laughin type of scorpio, down for the cause, AS LONG AS IM HAVIN A...
769 days ago 0 comments Categories: Men Seeking Women Tags: latin seeking bbw 
I am seeking an outgoing open minded BBW for more than just FWB but not entirely exclusive!! I am single and drama free. Educated. Have a job and work and free nost weekends!!! Looking to spend some q...
770 days ago 3 comments Categories: Everything Else Tags: entertainment bbw waitress stripper is throwing a "members appreciation" party for a very select group of our website memnbers.   We are seekining 15 adult entertainers of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds for a 4 ...
Seeking: Looking for fun!
Why? I'm sexy!
820 days ago 4 comments Categories: Women Seeking Women Tags: chrisissy dd's blonde 

Sexy blonde girl looking for fum and adventure!

Seeking: friendly women
Why? Because I'm RIGHT.
828 days ago 1 comments Categories: General Tags: dating 

Any friendly woman that wants to chat talk or hang out send me a message.

Thanks for reading and rating this 5 stars : ) 

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