Laura3632: It's a lot bigger than the last venue.
3d ago
Ricky_Bobby: I'd possibly go back, I want to see more regulations on the tgirls. They were grabbing on people without permission
3d ago
Ricky_Bobby: Plus there was this one drunk tgirl trash talking how she wanted to beat a guy up, it turns out he politely turned her advances down.
3d ago
Ricky_Bobby: Either way, totally not cool for the security of the party as a whole
3d ago
Laura3632: Very true... The tgirl just kept telling me how she wanted to beat the shit of this guy. I kept telling her to ignore and calm down thatbwe were there to have fun
3d ago
Laura3632: But it sucks that tgirls think it's ok just grab and nothing is done. When guys do it they get told otherwise and if it continues they get kicked out... The same should apply for tgirls
3d ago
smackel: It's always been a problem at every party, they always crotch grab and nothing gets done
3d ago
Shawnscotts36: Can host in San Diego tonight. Hmu if you’re interested
3d ago
sdlatino4fun: Anyone go to Ronnies Playhouse, how was it?
2d ago
Laura3632: 4fun: it's nice... A lot bigger than the Reseda place.
2d ago
GARNET: OMG I need to get outta the house on the weekends!!!
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Who doesn't, G?
2d ago
GARNET: I do!!!! I dont get out on weekends anymore... so I DO!!!
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Awww! I hate when that haps!!!
2d ago
Sancho: I miss the San Diego party's
2d ago
Laura3632: There aren't any SD parties anymore?
SexxxySixxx: Sancho, so when are you hosting one?
Laura3632: Yeah Sancho... What Sixxx said... Since Naked disappeared on us
Triple6: SD parties used to be off the hook. Sigh ...
Ricky_Bobby: Indeed they were 😎
SexxxySixxx: Is Naked still tied up in the dungeon?
GARNET: yes they were awesome, but got taken out. there are Mira Mesa parties, but they are all tgirls and men into the tgirls..
23h ago
Ricky_Bobby: When is the next BBW party?
21h ago
MRMIX1: hello are you going to the party? Ricky
19h ago
Triple6: Right? We need to seriously have a SD event for bbws
19h ago
SexxxySixxx: ElC, you host it!!!
18h ago
Ricky_Bobby: I went to the last party
9h ago
Younginla: Loved the last party. Was. My firs time. So many beautiful bbws
1h ago
SexxxySixxx: Young, did you get some?
1h ago
Triple6: Sixxx, I've been pondering it recently 🤔
1h ago
SexxxySixxx: Do it, ElC!!!
40m ago
SexxxySixxx: I’ll cum to SD!!!
40m ago
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