Naked: who here wants to hear sixxx and lulu talk about their BOOOOOOBS
14h ago
Naked: BOOBS.....BOOBS.....BOOBS
14h ago
Laura3632: Noone! We want to focus on you... I mean what guy doesn't want to be the center of attention
14h ago
Naked: not when he's on a plate of mexican food and ruffles
14h ago
Laura3632: What's wrong with Mexican food
14h ago
Naked: umm....Trump said it's here illegally???? I guess???
14h ago
Naked: no??? too soon??? too soon???
14h ago
Laura3632: LMAO... Never too soon to make fun of political figures
14h ago
Naked: oh I would never make fun of our leader and savior....cause then the kkk would run me over
14h ago
Laura3632: LMAO... If u don't get deported first
14h ago
Naked: okay I'm gonna stop Trumping....homeland could be reading this....
14h ago
Laura3632: LOL...Ok we don't want I.C.E. coming for anyone
14h ago
Naked: no, but you already triggered some red flags by using Trump and carne asada in the same paragraph
14h ago
Laura3632: Am i the only girls right now?
14h ago
Laura3632: Don't forget Mexican
14h ago
Naked: shhhh....they're listening.....
14h ago
Laura3632: My lips are sealed 💋
14h ago
SexxxySixxx: The KKK took my baby away!!!
14h ago
SexxxySixxx: but not my guac and tortillas!!!
14h ago
Laura3632: For me they can take the guac just leave the tortillas and Jalapeños
14h ago
SexxxySixxx: Leave the guac? That's a sin!!!
14h ago
Laura3632: I don't like avocados
13h ago
Naked: oooo.....illuuuminaaatiii­....oooo­
12h ago
Naked: Trumps coming for you two if you don't stop....ooooooo
12h ago
Naked: or if you say his name 3 times in front of your bathroom mirror with the lights off wearing a hair piece
12h ago
Naked: but I also heard that it still works if you just comb your hair over
12h ago
SexxxySixxx: Lol
12h ago
Laura3632: LOL
12h ago
Naked: how dare you two mock the power of the comb over
12h ago
Naked: this is no laughing matter.....heed my warning
12h ago
Naked: heeeed my warning oooooooooo
12h ago
Laura3632: LOL...
12h ago
Laura3632: Everyone know his power is on the comb over
12h ago
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