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Vertigo, ahhhh
2 hours ago
Happy humpi day (;
2 hours ago
No love ;(
3 hours ago
HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 hours ago
anyone going to Laughlin this weekend motorcycle ride??? I am!
4 hours ago
Happy Hump Day!
7 hours ago
Mmmm coconut...
7 hours ago
Hate catching feelings for these dudes that dont deserve my time!
18 hours ago
I cant find the chat room
20 hours ago
Chat time!
21 hours ago
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When my jerking spasm was over, he spread my pussy lips with his fingers and ran his tongue inside me, lapping like a cat with a bowl of cream. Oh, it was so lovely, feeling the silky touch of his tongue, that I raised my hips in time with each stroke. I h
GuufyGirl · 26 days ago

"This is it!" I thought, "here he goes. He's going to push his penis into me. It's too big, he'll split me wide open." I was trembling all over, wanting yet fearing the inevitable. But he just kissed my lips while his tongue started to penetrate. This part
GuufyGirl · 36 days ago

Taking hold of one breast in both hands he kissed my nipple through my bra before putting his hand inside and scooping my breast out from the confines of its covering. Now he had one free, he concentrated on that breast with both hands and mouth. He kissed
GuufyGirl · 37 days ago
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22.04.2014 20:57
get your sexy asses (and boobs) in chat!
22.04.2014 21:51
Posted by supervillain818
I cant find the chat room
23.04.2014 08:36
Posted by GARNET
OMG - I am freezing!!!! And it's sunny outside!!!
23.04.2014 11:40
Posted by EvaSativa
So, I've decided that i need more female friends on here but everytime i check someone out & try to befriend them...they have already BLOCKED me! Why do females block me??? Fucking LAME...
23.04.2014 13:03
Posted by ElCee94
You'd be surprised how many that happens to lol ..
23.04.2014 13:11
Posted by EvaSativa
Yep...this is ADULT site but there are so many "lil kids" on here...oh well, whaddya gonna do, huh?
23.04.2014 13:19
Posted by ElCee94
Exactly lol, even more so there's a few adults that like to act like little kids with their drama but oh well. We just gotta build a bridge and get over it at some point
23.04.2014 14:23
Posted by EvaSativa
23.04.2014 14:27
Posted by tx2cal
dont feel bad my friends have been droping like flies
23.04.2014 14:59
Posted by EvaSativa
oh hun...i don't feel bad at all...just irritated that females are petty.
23.04.2014 15:25
Posted by ElCee94
Anywhere you go there's gonna be petty females my dear. That's life , the world is almost filled with them
23.04.2014 15:38
Posted by EvaSativa
Hmmm...never delt with any before this but thats ok. It's not really important. i never really joined this site for the females anyways! xoxoxo
23.04.2014 15:40
Posted by ElCee94
Lol all soooo true !
23.04.2014 15:40
Posted by EvaSativa
***sticks my tongue out***
23.04.2014 15:42
Posted by ElCee94
Better put that tongue back in unless you intend on licking something (:
23.04.2014 15:45
Posted by EvaSativa
I am always ready to lick something!!!
23.04.2014 15:46
Posted by ElCee94
I know you are! Licker in front , poker in back haha
23.04.2014 15:47
Posted by EvaSativa
I wish i could like my own pussy...i am so in the mood for pussy!!! fuckin females...hahaha!
23.04.2014 15:48
Posted by ElCee94
I wish I could watch that !! I'm in the mood for pussy all the time haha. They gotta make it difficult for you
23.04.2014 15:50
Posted by EvaSativa
Hahaha, their loss...i eat pussy good!
23.04.2014 15:51
Posted by ElCee94
Lol they're making it hard cuz their dude isn't hitting it right
23.04.2014 15:52
Posted by ElCee94
I don't doubt that
23.04.2014 15:56
Posted by EvaSativa
23.04.2014 16:03
Posted by ElCee94
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For Sale: Sex Swing For Sale for $250.00
Why? Moving soon to smaller apt.
86 days ago 0 comments Categories: Everything Else Tags: none 
Adult Sex Swing For Sale Footprint is about 6-1/2 feet by 6-1/2 feet by 6-1/2 feet tall. Totally solid and able to store away when not needed. Includes full body harness (Big Girl/Guy size) 300 pound ...
155 days ago 1 comments Categories: Erotic Tags: erotic amateur photography 
Do you want a safe, positive location to post your amateur photos?  Do you love knowing your photos are being viewed and enjoyed on the world wide web?  We do!! We're looking for sexy amateur models, ...
Why? For fun!
166 days ago 1 comments Categories: Events Tags: cam 

Our party house now has wifi and we are looking for people interested in doing special events for oyr site members. it could be anytime. We are flexible.

Why? Friends, adventures and possibly lots more-lol.
171 days ago 0 comments Categories: Men Seeking Women Tags: daytime 

I find myself with free time during the mornings to mid-day M-F, anyone else available?

235 days ago 0 comments Categories: Men Seeking Women Tags: latin seeking bbw 
I am seeking an outgoing open minded BBW for more than just FWB but not entirely exclusive!! I am single and drama free. Educated. Have a job and work and free nost weekends!!! Looking to spend some q...
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