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I want to drink wine, make love and play chess
3 hours ago
Vegas weekend trip canceled. Bummed!!!!
6 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
7 hours ago
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving:)
8 hours ago
Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving!
8 hours ago
Hope that everyone is having an great Thanksgiving. :)
8 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Muah!
16 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving Kisses!
19 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving! Who\'s gonna mash my potatoes, cover my mounds with gravy, and stuff my turkey?
20 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble :)
21 hours ago
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Aww, man!!! Some tattletale told the big, fat man ( No, not Ronnie, lol) that "Sixxx was naughty AGAIN this year!!!," so now I'm getting nothing for XXXmas!!!! Guess we'll have to hold a "Toys for Twats" drive and see what cums about!!! Speaking of Toys fo
DirtyDollSixxx · 2 days ago

Some members need rides, some need dates. This is a place where you can list your ride-ability....nudge nudge wink wink! Location, party date and venue please. We are one big happy kinky family, let's help each other out!
Lady_Stark · 4 days ago

Can you see my heart, its here in my hands, its here in my thoughts, it here in my words. I stand here waiting for you to see me to see my heart, to hear its words as it trembles it screams out to you. The days grow cold and the nights are long the wind ho
qswtbt · 8 days ago
What are people doing?

12 hours ago
I wish my warm creamy cum could be splattered all over a bbw booty instead of going to waste
2 days ago
Aww, man!!! Some tattletale told the big, fat man ( No, not Ronnie, lol) that "Sixxx was naughty AGAIN this year!!!," so now I'm getting nothing for XXXmas!!!! Guess we'll have to hold a "Toys for Twats" drive and see what cums about!!! Speaking of Toys for Twats, since we're already on Santa's NAUG…
2 days ago
2 days ago
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26.11.2014 19:55
Posted by GARNET
Happy Early Turkey Day!!! Have a great one everyone!!!
26.11.2014 20:26
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
Lady, I learned my lesson about trying to stick things in my tight little slit when I pushed the "Fat Cock" vibe in and got it stuck last week!!! Definitely no cans for me!!!
27.11.2014 00:07
Posted by Lady_Stark
Push on your tummy and shoot it across the room ;p
27.11.2014 02:39
Posted by Laura3632
LOL!! the things you learn here...
27.11.2014 08:21
Posted by Tward454
Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
27.11.2014 08:29
Posted by bigmn4me
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving BBW Kisses People!
27.11.2014 09:36
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
Hahaha, Laura & Lady!!! I just pulled it out slowly!!! Thought I was gonna die from the pain, but I survived!!! Now I look it it in fear!!! Sticking to small toys now, lol. At least until the 5th!!!
27.11.2014 09:37
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
So, who's bringing me a pie? More importantly, who's putting cream on my pie?
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We are a group of guy who travel around Los Angeles and Orange County to play with special ladies. We are seeking a woman who wants a group of men to treat her like a princess (or a dirty girl if you ...
Hiring: Model Search
Why? To expose bbw's for their true beauty
169 days ago 0 comments Categories: You can announce anything here! Tags: modeling money 

Looking for sexy confident BBW's who want to make great money modeling in a safe environment. Nudity is a must! 18+ only

Thanks Vallery

189 days ago 0 comments Categories: Other Tags: hotwife cuckold mfm 
********* The Wife And I Privacy Guarantee: Wife And I values your privacy. Your registration information is completely secret as we value your confidence in our ability to protect your pri...
For Sale: Sex Swing For Sale for $250.00 $250.00
Why? Moving soon to smaller apt.
305 days ago 0 comments Categories: Everything Else Tags: none 
Adult Sex Swing For Sale What are you waiting for! Awesome SEX TOY at a great price! Footprint is about 6-1/2 feet by 6-1/2 feet by 6-1/2 feet tall. Totally solid and able to store away when not neede...
373 days ago 1 comments Categories: Erotic Tags: erotic amateur photography 
Do you want a safe, positive location to post your amateur photos?  Do you love knowing your photos are being viewed and enjoyed on the world wide web?  We do!! We're looking for sexy amateur models, ...
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