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BBW Mira Mesa Party!
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Sir_Neoscar: Hello Ladies
2d ago
Laura3632: hello Neoscar
2d ago
Sir_Neoscar: The new site is looking better still hard to load anything up
2d ago
Laura3632: yeah..&peri­od;­ just getting used to it
2d ago
Sir_Neoscar: 😛
2d ago
Laura3632: =)
2d ago
Sir_Neoscar: 🚀
2d ago
Sir_Neoscar: So whats good tonight in San Diego
2d ago
Lady_Stark: Nothing tonight, Party tomorrow in Mira Mesa
2d ago
Laura3632: party time! hope everyone enjoys their night!!
2d ago
Maahi: Hi can i still come to party
2d ago
HoneyLips: At the party, where u at?
2d ago
Lady_Stark: Yes you can come to the party
2d ago
Maahi: On the way sorry for late
2d ago
Maahi: Hi i am in
Laura3632: great party..&per­iod;­ saw some new faces and some familiar ones ...
Lady_Stark: Great party and getting ready for another great one tonight!
Laura3632: it was great! it was great seeing u again
HoneyLips: I've added a new poll, please ck it out. Your input is greatly appreciated.
22h ago
GARNET: see everyone tonight at the bbw party in mira mesa!!
19h ago
Darnell2015: Everybody have fun tonight be safe driving to and from.
15h ago
jaydub: What an absolute joke. Because RSVP was not done prior to Saturday. The party can no longer be attended by anyone not already on the list
15h ago
MaDameMozelle: He who hesitates mastrabates!! Dont hate because you late!!
14h ago
MaDameMozelle: On the way to Mira Mesa
14h ago
jaydub: What if you didn't know until 6 p.m. if you were going to be able to attend because of work?
14h ago
MaDameMozelle: Then thats sucks. You coulda RSVPed and they would have credited you
14h ago
curious21: Was studying all day and took a name to rest for the party but woke up feeling all nauseated. i will make it to the new venue one of these days!
13h ago
Lady_Stark: We sent Multiple emails saying you had to rsvp and pay 24 hours in advance, and if you didn't make it it would be credited towards a future party.
12h ago
MaDameMozelle: Love the venue. Met some cool people. Sometimes your tastebuds change
7h ago
GARNET: Had an absolute BLAST at the Mira Mesa party!! OMG I am still tingling and grinning!!&excl­;­
1h ago
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The site looks amazing, now i just gotta find everyone. - 22 minutes ago
Had a BLAST at the Mira Mesa party last night!! Mmmmm so yummy!! - an hour ago
Have my tastebuds changed? Burrito time? - 5 hours ago
In need of a bomb fuck ASAP - 12 hours ago
See you all at the BBW party tonight. I'll be with my girls too. - 18 hours ago
I've added a new poll, please check it out. Your input is definitely needed. Ty - 22 hours ago
If you upgrade your account today for the year ($40) We will comp you for tonight's BBW party. TODAY'S SPECIAL!! - Yesterday
Ready to meet some cool new people tonight. I hope everyone has a fun and safe time! - Yesterday
Wats up everyone How's your evening going??? - 3 days ago
O.chulo on kik, hit me up if youd like - 3 days ago
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Shauns_Redwench info
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j0k3rwld changed his profile status message 
The site looks amazing, now i just gotta find everyone.
22 minutes ago
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Here's the link to buy tix on eventbrite- remember to RSVP:    https://www.eventbrite.com/e/csa-mira-mesa-bbw-party-private-party-tickets-21196537414?aff=ebrowse    
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Going to broadcast again soon...Was thinking Tuesday or Wednesday night....Any input?
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