nsa4u: Yup I made it in haha
MaDameMozelle: A lot of stairs
BbwHunter: Any bbw gonna get dirty at thr party
BbwHunter: And xxxplay ?
SexxxySixxx: Hope everyone enjoyed tacos!!!
BbwHunter: Wanna see some sexy bbw photos or videos...cant let this t girls out do yall!
23h ago
Kirito818: Had lots of fun tonight. Thank you to everyone that came out. And it’s nive to see some new faces.
23h ago
Kirito818: Nice
23h ago
MaDameMozelle: Had a nice time meeting new people and seeing old faces. I'm home now.
21h ago
MaDameMozelle: Remember people he who hesitates mastrabates.
21h ago
MaDameMozelle: Shout out also to the guys that look after us ladies as well!!
21h ago
Shawnscotts36: Seeking woman in San Diego area for hot fun. HMU? Contact info on profile
20h ago
grbbwlvr: Hope everyone who was at the party last night enjoyed themselves. Mode it was great to see you again too. Can't wait for the next one
12h ago
grbbwlvr: Mozelle*
12h ago
LouieAndLezlieLBC: OK; for the Simi Valley, Oxnard Camarillo people out there, Lezlie and i are doing the Ventura County Blues in Camarillo Friday and Saturday April 27 and 28. There are two beds and plenty of lube and toys; who is game? Free after party at pin El Rey Cantina 2302 Ventura Blvd, Camarillo, California 93010 Sat night
12h ago
davidhammer73: What's up? I'm in Azusa and looking for some fun!!
9h ago
MaDameMozelle: It was great seeing the great BBWKisses people. I have been in the lifestyle on and off for 22 years. Originally as part of a couple. Then after my divorce as a single female for last 10 years off and on. I enjoy the "LIFESTYLE" people of this group so much. This Tuesday I had a great conversation about Lifestyle and sex party being different. I miss house party's where the rules are gone over, you know names or nicknames and there is an introduction and some ice breaker games and then the fun part happens again and again and again.
4h ago
Latinopassion: Hi Mozie
3h ago
MaDameMozelle: Hello LatinoPassion
2h ago
Latinopassion: How have you been? What time did you leave the party?
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: I've been ok. I closed the party down. Left at 21:00
2h ago
Latinopassion: 2100?
2h ago
Latinopassion: Did you drive back to Vista?
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: 9
2h ago
Latinopassion: oh.... tday?
2h ago
Latinopassion: today?
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: lol no sorry I'm not paying attention. 1 am
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: I was writing a report at work about something that happened at 21:00
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: yes I drove home
2h ago
Latinopassion: today?
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: No last night
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: I always drive home
2h ago
Latinopassion: i wish you would have stopped by
2h ago
Latinopassion: as Im on the way
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: OK so straight the fuck out. You have been trying to get me to come by for years. I have never EVER met you in person or at a party. I'm not ever going to a random house or apartment. You wanna meet outside of a party there are restaurants and coffee shops and theaters.
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: You all need retraining
2h ago
Latinopassion: we can meet in a public place
2h ago
Latinopassion: I meant no disrespect...
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: Have you ever been to a party ?
2h ago
Latinopassion: Yes but it has been several years... when it was at the eros
2h ago
Latinopassion: I lived in LA County so it was closer... Im in OC now
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: I don't host. I don't do car sex. I go to parties because I feel safe there. I am a very busy woman with multipe jobs. Free time is something I don't have. I plan for fun times as well.
2h ago
Latinopassion: I understand... as Im very busy too... perhaps we can meet over coffee next time you are up here? or meet at the party?
2h ago
MaDameMozelle: I don't know when I'm up that way though. I'm going to Club Bounce in May. 12th I think
1h ago
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