Supercurious: Jennystain I'll be there if you get too scared you can hang with me
Cherrydarling31: Curious about a bi- mmf threesome
mickeyBBW: Happy Newe year!
joe3103: Happy New Year everyone
mydicupinu: any girl would like to meet
GARNET: excited for tomorrow!! early bday present!!!
sirhc1982: oh what are you getting?
14d ago
Bbwseat: ūüĒģwish i saw more action on this site...
14d ago
sirhc1982: yeah it could use some explosions, gun fire, cars flipping over...
13d ago
hottitts69: I want a sexiie girl
13d ago
Lady_Stark: I want sushi and green tea
13d ago
sirhc1982: I Want Rock And Roll
13d ago
GARNET: I went to Disneyland!!! I got a few goodies!!! It was awesome!!!
12d ago
smackel: Anybody hitting up Reseda tonight or Hollywood tommorow?
12d ago
Lady_Stark: Staying in tonight and watching porn etc
12d ago
Ss1745: Anything going on tonight?
12d ago
Sexyxicana17: Im horny I need to service a Mistress
12d ago
inthetruck: I'm in Santa Clarita and drive to Hollywood every day. I'm looking for some fun stops on the way either to work or home. Hours are very flexiable.
11d ago
SteveinNV: Hey all. Hope you are all having a great day :)
11d ago
Surfincbs: Horny and need someone to play with. If you are free in SD today, let me know! Let's have some mutual pleasure before the start of the new week.
10d ago
Bowler23: @Lady_shark would you like some company while you watch some porn?
10d ago
Lady_Stark: The bed holds at least 5, but I prefer to know those 5 well.
10d ago
sirhc1982: its a comfy bed, hard to get out of sometimes, but comfy none the less
10d ago
Lady_Stark: That it is.
10d ago
Tat2dbbw: Haven't been logged on in a long time... This place gets boringūüėĒ
9d ago
riversidedude: looking for a girl to peg's my first time :)
9d ago
riversidedude: also looking to get queened...any queens looking for a throne, my face is yours :)
9d ago
mtzed33: Looking for a bbw fwb I can enjoy tons of fun with
9d ago
Shawnscotts36: Morning!! Orgasms anyone?
9d ago
Bruins150: Seeking BBW to join me and my gf
8d ago
adickd2women: Who's going to the Reseda party this Friday?
8d ago
Sancho: Where are all the women at?
7d ago
Scott89: The guy to girl ratio here is lame 4000 guys to less than 1000 women... So lame
6d ago
unsungwarrior: Hello all
6d ago
unsungwarrior: This sux there is nothing going on
6d ago
BbwHunter: The BBW here play hard to get or just arent interested
6d ago
SSJLink923: Anyone want a date to the party tonight, kik me SSJLink923
4d ago
GARNET: sucks that the site was down for a day and a half!!! so if I didnt answer anyone, the site was down!!!
4d ago
sirhc1982: thats the only time when going down is bad! well that and a plane crash...
4d ago
Sexyxicana17: Heyguys !!!!!
3d ago
sirhc1982: Hey Girl!
3d ago
sdlatino4fun: Anyone go to the last Mira Mesa Party? how was it?
2d ago
Sexyxicana17: Miss u guys
2d ago
Bbw_lover890: Where are the fun, sexy, open minded bbw couples that like to play? Hit us up always happy to meet new people
2d ago
joe3103: Hi there Bbw_lover890. How are you guys doing?
Fr34kycouple420: Hello everyone
10h ago
mtzed33: Any ladies wanna chat
24m ago
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