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Three more day until Christmas!
5 hours ago
I'm not thirsty for dick, treat me like I'm your last option? On to the next one...
13 hours ago
I cant fall asleep!
14 hours ago
Smile more... they're contagious. .. :-)
15 hours ago
Wish someone would deliver a medicine ball tea from Starbucks
16 hours ago
Party floggings were had... By others :)
18 hours ago
Hope everyone had a great time at the party last night. Have a great holiday season. :)
18 hours ago
Sometimes words just aren't enough. And that's why we have middle fingers.
19 hours ago
A big thanks to the people nice enough to give me a ride to the party oh wait , they flaked. Go figure
20 hours ago
Towman - you still have me blocked!!! And thank you for the compliment!!
21 hours ago
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Well, it's that time again, it's party eve. The sleigh is gassed up and ready to make the trip to San Diego full of Mrs. Santa and some evil elves. We're going to have some great homemade cookies, some naughty treats, and some great fun and games. Naked Tw
Lady_Stark · 3 days ago

Lady Stark and Sexy Sixxx present: Cumming up on BBW kisses for December December 5 we have a Toys for Twats party in our Van Nuys location. Sybian rides for all the Naughty Girls.  We have elves giving massages, Santa, Mrs Claus, and his mistress, prizes,
Lady_Stark · 19 days ago

Aww, man!!! Some tattletale told the big, fat man ( No, not Ronnie, lol) that "Sixxx was naughty AGAIN this year!!!," so now I'm getting nothing for XXXmas!!!! Guess we'll have to hold a "Toys for Twats" drive and see what cums about!!! Speaking of Toys fo
DirtyDollSixxx · 26 days ago
What are people doing?

15 hours ago
17 hours ago
23 hours ago
My ankle after surgery. Happy Holidays to me...
2 days ago
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21.12.2014 09:48
Posted by bigmn4me
Good Sunday Morning Kisses people! Have a great day and hope the party was a huge success and everyone had a lot of fun!
21.12.2014 10:39
Posted by bigmn4me
Sore can be a good thing if the memory of how you got sore is a pleasant one!
21.12.2014 13:12
Posted by Laura3632
I hope Lady did something kinky for me
21.12.2014 13:36
Ha a very nice time at the party last night. Thank you to Lady Stark and Doll Baby Sixxx for hosting an a very special thank you to MRruba for stepping up and helping me out. The ride to and from was much appreciated. It was wonderful seeing old friends an meeting new people.
21.12.2014 14:22
Posted by Laura3632
I keep hearing great things about last night's party... wonder what they have in store for L.A.'s Jan 2 party. .. hope some SD people can come up would be nice to see some new faces and catch up with others...
21.12.2014 16:51
Posted by Lady_Stark
Carpools are always a great idea!
21.12.2014 16:52
Posted by Lady_Stark
Laura, I was thinking of you the whole time ;)
21.12.2014 17:11
Posted by GARNET
Home made enchiladas and spanish rice! YUMMM!!! Also made gingerbread cookies earlier. Making sugar cookies tomorrow night!!
21.12.2014 17:28
Posted by ElCee94
The carpool idea doesn't work too well in sd lol
21.12.2014 18:26
Posted by Lady_Stark
we had several successful carpools down from LA, sorry your ride flaked.
21.12.2014 18:33
Posted by bigmn4me
Maybe arranging a ride a little in advance instead of 2 hours before the party mioght yeild better results.
21.12.2014 18:34
Posted by bigmn4me
this shoutbox is open 24/7 and blogs work well as the postings on your profile tag line.
21.12.2014 18:34
Posted by bigmn4me
Lot here wait until the last minute and that makes it very hard all around
21.12.2014 18:36
Posted by bigmn4me
we baked european cookies all afternoon the house smells delicious! Got several already plated and wrapped to give to some friends and neighbors. Must have made 200+ cookies today. Kitchen looked like a professional bakery. Hub and I were covered in flour
21.12.2014 20:33
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
Thanxxx to all who came out last night!!! So many HOT new men!!! My panties were wet all night!!! And guys, if you didn't come out, you missed a bunch of SEXXXY ladies!!! If last night was any indication, NYE will be off the hook!!!
21.12.2014 20:35
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
Laura, thought of you all night long!!! Jan 2 is my bday party, so lots of naughtiness is planned!!! Plus everyone will get to spank my booty & see my birthday suit!!!
21.12.2014 20:36
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
ElCee, had you let me know, you could have had a ride with me!!! We had plenty of room!!!
21.12.2014 21:11
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
G, that sounds yummy!! You'll have to teach me how to cook someday!!! Btw, thanks for keeping my boy entertained!!!
21.12.2014 21:20
Posted by GARNET
*blushing* You are welcome Sixx :)
21.12.2014 21:29
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
Weren't the guys incredibly hot last night?
21.12.2014 21:31
Posted by GARNET
there were some cuties yes...
21.12.2014 22:10
Posted by Laura3632
thank you for thinking of me Lady and Sixxx... hopefully i enjoy myself in ur mind... LOL
21.12.2014 22:14
Posted by ElCee94
Well had I known you were offering rides like that I would have happily asked . Unfortunately the carpool blog isn't popular here lol. I hear I missed a great one last night /: fuck
22.12.2014 04:22
Posted by Shawnscotts36
Let's play!! Hmu? ;-)
22.12.2014 07:45
Posted by qswtbt
Morning All you sexie peoples
22.12.2014 08:35
Posted by bigmn4me
Good Morning Kisses people. Three days to go until Christmas. Nice having a Monday morning where I do not have to go to work. Enjoy the day and be safe out there!
22.12.2014 09:35
Posted by Shawnscotts36
In the mood for an orgasm??
22.12.2014 09:38
Posted by DirtyDollSixxx
Orgasms sound soo nice!!!
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