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Hopefully we will make it to the next party
14 hours ago
Come on Friday!
18 hours ago
Why are all the women on this site shy?
Am I wrong for being turned on by the sounds of my neighbors having sex?
2 days ago
Looking for 2 hot guys for a promo- pay is free admission to Friday's BBW party
2 days ago
this site is getting a lil boring... anyone willing to meet up for some drinks on me or out to eat anything we will have fun ..work at a adult toy store :)
2 days ago
Have a great week.
2 days ago
Finally going to a Dodgers game this weekend...San Diego here we come
2 days ago
Step 1. Collect underpants step 2. ?????? Step 3. Profit
2 days ago
Any hot ladies like to play on cam?
3 days ago
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Three very macho mice are standing around trying to outdo each other. The first mouse says, "You know those little pellets they put out around the house trying to poison us? I love those things. I eat 'em like candy." The second mouse, not to be outdone sa
Lady_Stark · 10 days ago

*I open the door to my apartment and he pulls me hard towards, pressing his lips to mine, devouring my soft full lips in his hungry impatient mouth.  He releases me hearing the shower running from the bathroom. He takes my hand spins me around folding one
LadieChellie · 62 days ago

Last Saturday night... he arrived just  as he said he would, standing outside my building ready to release this buildup we've been mounting of the week, smile and all.  I opened the door to let him in and he immediately grabbed me, groped me, hands roaming
LadieChellie · 75 days ago
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01.09.2015 10:12
Posted by Real-cum1
Can't wait to find a naughty schoolgirl this friday ;)
01.09.2015 20:44
Posted by Shawnscotts36
Early morn play date? 858-386-2557
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3 days ago 0 comments Categories: You can announce anything here! Tags: party 

Need two hot guys for a publicity piece, compensation is free admission into the Sept 4 BBw Sex Addict Party- Contact Lady Stark for details

Seeking: Beautiful ladies
26 days ago 0 comments Categories: Men Seeking Women Tags: sexy ladies bbw 

Bored in hawthorne. Any beautiful ladies close around. Hmu so we can hang out 420 friendly and I have my own house

For Sale: Dirty Laundry for $30.00
Why? Cause I'm a dirty girl that needs to pay some bills!
209 days ago 0 comments Categories: Adult Tags: clothing bbw dirty filthy socks bras panties stockings shoes 
Who is looking for dirty things to buy? I have thongs, boyshorts, granny panties, and frilly ones... There are bras and stockings... nighties, tennis shoes, slippers and socks! I will take almost any ...
337 days ago 0 comments Categories: Men Seeking Women Tags: gangbang group hung 
We are a group of guy who travel around Los Angeles and Orange County to play with special ladies. We are seeking a woman who wants a group of men to treat her like a princess (or a dirty girl if you ...
Hiring: Model Search
Why? To expose bbw's for their true beauty
447 days ago 0 comments Categories: You can announce anything here! Tags: modeling money 

Looking for sexy confident BBW's who want to make great money modeling in a safe environment. Nudity is a must! 18+ only

Thanks Vallery

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