BBWCplSocal: SO we have never been to the place in Reseda, can someone tell us a little about it,,
6d ago
ervetguy: Neither have I,id like to go when it comes up again
6d ago
SteveinNV: Send me good thoughts about this job tomorrow. Thanks ;)
6d ago
malecali: hey all
5d ago
MalkavianChildre: Nude beach day again! So much excite.
5d ago
malecali: where is this at?
5d ago
malecali: one of these days I'm totally going to figure out how to change my avatar
5d ago
Morningwood858: To party!!!!
5d ago
MalkavianChildre: Black's beach is under the glider port in torrey pine
5d ago
Lady_Stark: chat at 8
5d ago
Lady_Stark: Chat counter still not working :(
5d ago
5d ago
ervetguy: Lol
5d ago
Matteo70: hey everyone
5d ago
malecali: Like to know how the nude beach went, lol. And welcome to everyone else
5d ago
Sancho: Trying to do a photo shoot at my barbershop any bbw ladies want to volunteer
5d ago
socalfunguy: Hope everybody is surviving the heat alright!
4d ago
SDNeal: A lot cooler in SD today that the last few days
4d ago
GARNET: fun day at the beach!!!
3d ago
Diegoforeal619: Im gonna hit the beach tonight for a walk
3d ago
Diegoforeal619: what beach u go too gg?
3d ago
GARNET: lol - mission beach
3d ago
Morningwood858: im so bored i am going crazy
3d ago
sdlatino4fun: Got a party boat and taking it out all summer, lets get a group together and party on a boat!
3d ago
Lady_Stark: Reseda party tonight!
2d ago
stillridin1gsxr: Are there any ladies looking for a date to the Mira Mesa party tomorrow night?
2d ago
tx2cal: cooking for a private swing party in Carlsbad tomorrow
2d ago
GARNET: Prayers for Mr Mellow!!! He has skin cancer, and isnt doing too well!!! Please keep him in your thoughts and Prayers!!
2d ago
Lady_Stark: Aww poor Mellow :(
2d ago
spunkasaurus: Sorry to hear Garnet, hoping for the best
2d ago
GARNET: yes, spoke to him yesterday on the phone.
GARNET: see everyone tonight at the mira mesa party!!!
22h ago
tx2cal: damn wanted to see you at the party last night G
1h ago
GARNET: I was there
56m ago
tx2cal: i didn't get to make it had to help cook at a party
19m ago
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It has been almost a month since I moved up here to Fallon and so far it has been a really good choice. Since I moved here, I have felt such a weight lifted off of me because I was drowning in Southern California from worries about living situations, job s
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Life is Great at 58 Even though I'm all alone At least I still have some Friends That call me on the phone No woman in my life No kissing hugs or sex At least I have masturbation For now it is the Best So much Stamina I don't know what to do Only Rosie kno
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Here I find myself 58 and single. For most of my adult life (after 30) I have always been in some sort of LTR. Now I find myself 2 years without any type of sensual/sexual connection with a woman and it is driving me Crazy!!! I want and need to touch a wom
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