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Subway Story - Part 2

Quickly she reaches up and snatches the curtain from him, drawing it closed.  He laughs out loud, slowly shedding his clothes into a pile on the bathroom floor.  Stepping into the shower behind her, he runs his hands over her silky suds covered skin.  His hardening desire pressed into her backside, he pulls her against him.  "Did you think you'd get away from me?" he whispers in her ear as his hands slide around to the gleaming heavy globes of her breasts.  The brush of his fingers across her nipples draws a gasp from her as she turns and faces him.


"What makes you think I wanted to?"


The heat of his lips covering hers melts away any further coy response she had.  She is only vaguely aware of the hot streams of water rolling down her pink skin as his hands slide over her hips and his hands comfortably curl over the roundness of her ass.  In an instant he grips her firmly, pulling her hard against his throbbing aching body and as she gasps against his deepening kiss his tongue penetrates.  She sucks softly on it and he groans.


Keeping one hand firmly on her ass, he buries the other deep in her wet tangle of hair and pulls her head back, exposing the creamy skin of her neck.  As drops of water stream down her face – her eyes closed, she catches a sharp breath as the softness of his mouth finds the tender spot on her neck, just over the collar bone where her neck curves to her shoulder.  A small shiver runs through her causing her nipples to perk up and he grins wickedly.


His hands keeping her still, he steps back.  She can only see the dark hair on the back of his head as he bends and closes the small peak of her pale nipple into the heat of his mouth.  She groans as she drags her fingernails down his back.  He growls and sucks harder, rolling his tongue over the sensitive nub drawing another loud groan from her.


She grips his shoulders tightly, feeling her knees might give way as he slides his hand down under the curve of her ass and between the softness of her thighs finding a very different kind of wetness.  He draws his head back to watch as the look of surrender glows in her eyes and he knows that she’s his to do with as he pleases.


Tearing the curtain back he roughly shuts off the water, never losing his grip on her hair.  Her lips are parted softly, the lids of her eyes half closed and he can feel his own need for her growing… but no.  No, this time he’s going to take his time and enjoy her.


Grabbing the large towel hanging nearby he releases her slowly and gently towels her dry.  Running his hand over every curve of her body he absorbs her, standing warm and wanting in front of him.  His own need for her renews as he comes to stand in front of her.  Taking her hand he leads her from the shower.  She shivers as he leads her down the hall, their only contact coming from his hand enveloping hers.


Leading her to the bedroom he stops next to the bed.  He stands her in front of him, his gaze caressing the softness of her curves in the early evening light filtering through the curtains.  She draws in a slow deep breath through her slightly parted lips as his eyes catch hers.  You could drown in those eyes, she thinks to herself.  Those deep pools that say everything and nothing at the same time. 


He steps forward closing the gap between them, the heat of his flesh as it presses to hers making her want to melt into him.  Her eyes slip closed as her cheek finds his shoulder and her arms slide around to his back, fingers traipsing lightly over his skin.  She takes a deep breath, the scent of him filling her with more heady need as her breasts press against him.


She rests there.  Absorbing every ounce of his heat, listening to the sound of his breath and his beating heart she stands enveloped in his arms.  He holds her.  His nose buried in her hair, her womanly softness pressed against him as his hands draw down the curve of her back to her waist and then slide down over the round curve of her ass.  He presses her more tightly to him and he can barely contain his need for her.


She turns and looks up at him, her eyes dark with the desire she has never been able to hide from him, and he turns her back to the bed, easing her onto the duvet.  In one move he lays her on the bed and penetrates her his hard throbbing cock sinking deep into her tight, warm, velvety hole.

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