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OH, how I have Missed You

There's a knock at my door... "Hi, its me!" My jaw drops at your unexpected arrival on my doorstep, but I anxiously invite you in. After a bit of small talk I can hardly contain myself. I grab you, pull you close, and kiss you hard and deep. My hands already ripping at your pants, I manage to get them part way down before looking straight up at your thick, already hard cock in my face. I let out a bit of a purr and proceed with having my way.

Dropping to my knees, I pull you down so you're sitting on the edge of the bed and I wrap my hand around the base of your cock and slowly, almost cautiously lick around the head. Just a slight pressure, a slight wetness of my tongue sliding along your sensitive skin. I look up straight into your eyes as I open wide and slide your cock past my lips; I feel you quiver and I take in as much as possible. You can hear my gag reflex kick in as I force your cock deeper into my throat. I guide your hand to the back of my head and feel you pull my hair. The sensation instantly has my pussy dripping, but I continue to lap away at your cock.

Sliding down just a bit farther I begin to stroke your cock. My tongue finds your balls and again I have my way. Almost savagely sucking one into my mouth and then the other. Opening wider I fit them both in my mouth and continue stroking away. Feeling your hand tighten its grasp on my hair I again look up at you, and move back to your cock. Taking its full length into my mouth in one gulp. Again I gaze up at you with a mouth full of cock. Suddenly you pull me up from my knees and sit me bed. Quickly you spread my knees and press your lips to my already wet pussy. Feverishly you suck my lips and flick your tongue against my clit. I let out a loud moan as I feel your tongue slip inside me... your mouth devouring me.

Unable to control myself any longer, I push you back down on the bed, I stand up, grab you and take a seat in your lap. My lack of panties allows me to easily slide your hard cock into me. Once I position myself so that my pussy lips are just barely kissing the tip of your cock I ever so slowly slide down it. Enjoying every inch pushing into me, opening me, filling me. My wet pussy stretches and I moan in sheer delight. With your cock completely in me, I feel a stretching, almost like a burning, but I'm so aroused it's nothing but pleasure. I start to ride, a bit slow at first, trying to adapt to your thick hard cock filling me.

Having had enough of my hesitation you wrap your arms under my legs and grab my ass. You stand up quickly, my own weight pushing all of your cock inside me, and push me against the floor. My moans become louder as you start to grind into me fast and hard pumping my little pussy. My nails dig into your back as I convulse, and cum. You still pump away furiously at me. I sink my teeth in to your neck, softly at first, and then harder as I feel your grip tighten on my ass and your cum shoot deep inside me. Setting my feet down on the floor I collapse, my pussy sore and aching.

After a few moments I find you once again standing over me. A look of passion and fury in your eyes. You grab a handful of my hair and lift me to my feet turning me around at the same time. I grab a hold of the bed to brace myself and you plunge your once again hard cock completely and mercilessly inside me, my moans louder now with my pussy already sore, you fuck me hard and deep. Grabbing a hold of my hips I can feel every thrust throughout my entire body. You bring your hand down on my ass for a hard smack, and you feel my pussy tighten and twitch as I cum on your cock. Violently you continue to fuck me as one orgasm leads to another and another. Breathless and sore I take every brutal stroke until one final hard thrust. I feel your cock spasm inside me and your hot cum fill me. As you pull out the pain rushes back in and I can feel my pussy throbbing.

GuufyGirl 30.05.2012 3 547
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  •  bigmn4me: 
    sexy letter and great story
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  •  Frosti: 
    thanks woman.... as if I havent had enough issues today (finger shakes at the guy over there in the corner)... now Im horny all over again!!
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I'm glad that we as humans settled on the hand shake as a greeting instead of the whole ass sniffing thing.
30.05.2012 (2187 days ago)
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