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Just like riding a bike.....


So, last Friday night my ex-wife and I got together for dinner and and then went back to my place to hang out and also so she could use my shower to dye her hair (she is staying with her sister right now and did not want to make a mess there).
After she finished, she called out that there was a naked woman laying on my bed.  I took the hint (subtle as it and went in and jolined her.  One thing led to another and we ended up making out on the bed and playing with each other (no condoms so no sex).
This was the first time in a year since we have done that but it seems that neither of us has forgotten how to push each others buttons.  I used mt hands to play with her pussy (which was really wet before I even got down there) and used my tongue and lips to lick and nibble on her breasts and nipples (this in conjuction with me finger fucking her really got her going).  After a few minutes of this she had, what appeared to me, a very nice orgasm.  Just as she was coming down from it I started rubbing her clit and lightly biting her nipples and after a couple of minutes of that, she had another nice orgasm.  As she laid there, breathing heavily, she commented that I still had magic hands.  Go me!
After catching her breath she decided to return the favor and gave me an awesome (as she always did) blow job and I was a little surprised at how long I lasted considering how long it has been since a woman did that to me.  It felt so good when I finally came and she just drank it all down. 
We cuddled for a few minutes afterward and talked.  It was nice.
I am glad that even though our marriage did not work out, that we are still such good friends and that we can still enjoy each other in this way.  :)
SteveinNV 23.05.2012 3 537
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  •  bigmn4me: 
    no reason adults that can not be married for whatever reason can not remain friends. After all something attracted you two in the first place and hate is such a waste of time and energy.
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  •  EvilPopTarts: 
    i knew it... You're a whore! lol, no worries, i'm not judging ;)
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  •  admin: 
    Great blog!!!! Very hot!
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Going in for Weight Loss Surgery tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.
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