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An Unhappy Anniversary...

Today is the 11th anniversary of the death of my 2yr old son Patrick.  He was killed in a traffic accident while he was out with his mother, my ex-girlfriend Brandy.  To all of you with little ones, give them a big hug for me tonight.


I miss him very much and wish that he were still here. 


Love you son.



SteveinNV 12.07.2012 5 637
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  •  bigmn4me: 
    very sorry for yout tragic loss.
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  •  EvilPopTarts: 
    OMG, he was adorable! I remember you talking about him when we met, and I am sorry for the whole sad sorry situation. Hang in there, and find comfort in the face that he's in a better place.
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  •  Frosti: 
    Love you babe, and my lil one got a special Uncle Steve hug last night.
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  •  playnicewithme: 
    Extending sympathy on this difficult anniversary. Thanks for sharing the memory of your son. Peace and blessings to you.
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  •  Lady_Stark: 
    So very sorry for your loss, Steve...Big hugs!
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Update: 47lbs down since my surgery and with the 50 from before I am almost to 100lbs down since Oct. Feels great so far.
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