Dear Friends,

I have such sad news. It's heart-breaking.

On Tuesday, September 26th, Lyndsy aka AlwaysADiva passed away and the world lost a very special woman who was vibrant, loving, generous, witty, sexy, thoughtful and one of my favorite people on the planet. From the first moment we met we had an instant connection and she became an invaluable part of my life and this community. I am deeply, deeply saddened and disturbed by her passing. She was so young and had so much left to do. She was loved by countless people and she changed so many lives, including mine.

I keep thinking this whole thing is a hoax and that she really isn't gone. I just can't imagine a world without Lyndsy. I remember the first time she burst into my Oceanside party and introduced herself. She walked in with her good friend Bobbie who was wearing this crazy but glamorous hat. They both looked amazing and it was like we had all been friends for years!  Together, Bobbie and Lyndsy threw legendary parties and brought hundreds of people together. Bobbie passed away a few years ago and Lyndsy was devastated. The fact that they are both gone is truly the tragic end of an era and a harsh reminder of how short life can be.

Lyndsy was a force to be reckoned with. And I do believe she had the biggest smile I've ever seen on a person. One time at a party she was talking really loud and I asked her to be quiet; she then proceeded to talk even louder, the whole time winking at me. She would not and could not be silenced. Which is why her passing is so incredibly inconceivable; she was the very essence of life. She was so alive! And she was so loving. She loved people. She loved our community. She loved the parties and the websites. She believed in it as something important and vital. And she gave everything she had to keep it going.

Sometimes I would neglect the website for a week or two and focus on other aspects of my life and then when I would come back and look at profiles I saw that Lyndsy had taken the time to greet all the new members. She was a much better Admin than I'll ever be. In fact, a few years back the site was struggling to pay its bills and occasionally the server would get shut down due to lack of payment. I was too embarrassed even to tell Lyndsy so she called me up and said, "What is going on with the server?" So I told her and she was very upset that I had not gone to her for help. She quickly paid the server bill even though it left her tight for the week and she said, "Don't ever let that happen again. Whatever I have is yours." Truly, she was so generous and so giving. She was not a rich woman but she would give anyone the last dollar in her wallet to help them. And I don't believe she ever asked for as much help as she gave. She was so strong and so independent.

She also pushed me in to my current relationship. When I first met Melqui, my current boyfriend of 3 years, I was in a semi-serious relationship with a nice guy but it wasn't really going anywhere. Lyndsy met them both briefly and she was an excellent judge of character. "Melqui, Melqui, Melqui! No question! Melqui." She was right, She was always right. In fact, if you ever tried to win an argument with her, you quickly found out how pointless it was. The sky could be blue but Lyndsy could convince you it was purple. One time we got into a silly philosophical debate in Wal-Mart and we stood there and argued in the crafts aisle for 30 minutes until we finally had to agree to disagree. She was a great communicator and a great debater. And no one ever spoke more beautiful Spanish. To listen to her speak in Spanish was like listening to music. I will miss her voice, her wit, her intelligence and her passion! And I will miss arguing with her. And I will miss her strong opinions. But most of all I will miss her hugs. I will miss her enormous heart. I will miss how loved I felt when I was around her. She made everyone feel so loved.

But sometimes the world did not treat Lyndsy as well as she treated the world. She often spoke of her frustration in trying to find a regular 9-5 job. She saw first-hand the ugliness of discrimination and she recently complained that even just filling out a job application as a transgender person could be deeply frustrating and confusing.

There are great lessons to be learned from Lyndsy's life: take risks, love fully, fight discrimination, agree to disagree, give generously, be yourself, let your voice be heard. But the most painful lesson and I believe the most important lesson to be learned from Lyndsys life is that life is way too short and anyone of us could go at anytime. I hadn't spoken to Lyndsy in person in a few months and I deeply regret it. We would make jokes on Facebook but it had been too long since I had seen her beautiful face in front of me and I fear this will haunt me for years to come. Take nothing for granted, my friends, live your life fully as best you can. Tomorrow is today. The future is now. I am so incredibly grateful for every moment I got to spend with AlwaysADiva and I am devastated at the thought that her soul is gone from this earth.

People have been asking about how she died and since I am not close to her family I do not have all the details and even if I did I don't think this would be the proper forum to discuss them. But I can say with certainty that what killed her was not contagious and it was connected to an illness that she was born with. She had recently posted on Facebook about being in the hospital. She had been released and was doing better but suddenly things turned for the worse and she passed quickly.

Unfortunately, funeral expenses can be very costly and her family was not prepared for this tragic event. I don't know many details about her family but I do know that funeral costs are very expensive. So if you've ever had fun at one of her parties, or she introduced you to someone, or greeted you warmly or left a nice comment on your profile, or made you laugh, or gave you a big hug, or made you feel welcome at a party; please consider making a donation toward her family. It's the least we can do. To make a donation via PayPal, contact her best friend, Monica at: [email protected]

You can also make a direct deposit in to either of my bank accounts and I will make sure every penny gets to the family. And I'll upgrade you as well.

We are also giving a portion of the proceeds from this weekends party in LA to the family and we will have a donation jar if any of you would like to donate at the party. All donations will go directly to the family in Lyndsy's memory. So please come out this weekend and help us celebrate Lyndsy's life. We would be so grateful to any of you if you could print photos from her profile to share at the club. Saturday should be a lot of fun but it should also be a time to remember the lady who helped build this great community.

If you'd like to help out here is a contact e-mail for PayPal and my personal banking information.

PayPal via Monica: [email protected]

Ronald Larsen Bank Information
Bank of America Account Name and Number: Ronald Larsen  0299118986

Wells Fargo Account Name and Number: Ronald Larsen  5841135015

Anything you can do will have a huge impact! We'll send an update once we know about funeral services in Los Angeles.

As of now we know there is a final viewing of Lyndsy this Friday, September 28th at 5:00PM, 830 W. Washington Blvd. L.A. Calif. 90011

I will be there, please join us and please keep Lyndsy's family in your thoughts and prayers! And remember, life is so short! Live it!

Lyndsy, if you're reading this, thank you for everything! We will miss you every single day!


Ronnie aka Sally aka Admin

1158 days ago
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  •  SexxxySixxx: 
    What a beautiful tribute!!!
     829 days ago 
    1 point
  •  unclebaby: 
    i have not been online in almost a year, i just realized that thos is older news. im! still offering to help if needed."Uncle"
     1098 days ago 
    2 points
  •  unclebaby: 
    im truely sorry to hear of her passing, i can swing $200 in to the kitty for a family member. let me you want it sent. "Uncle" 714 483 6916
     1098 days ago 
    2 points
  •  DavidGuilbeau: 
    Ronnie, I am saddened by this news. I knew Her from facebook and finally met her at one of your LA parties. she was a friend and always had positive things to say. she was a comfort to me when I was hospitalized and we chatted online. I would like to attend services so can you please let me know when you have dates for the services. Thanks.
     1157 days ago 
    2 points
  •  Gilf_Gone_Wild: 
    This is awesome....your letter with all your thoughts and memories of this very special lady has captured her very essence. My heart and my prayers go out to you and her family. I knew Diva for almost as long as Ive known you......I remember my first USA party I went to there @ Nikki's house, and Nikki and Diva were the first to welcome me and make me feel so comfortable. Diva took me under her wing and kept me close to her all evening as she knew I was new to the lifestyle and was a bit nervous. It was with this wonderful loving woman that I expierenced my first time sharing a cock with another and after that her and I partied many times together and always had great fun. It was her influence that made me realize the difference in people and what true tolerence is and that we are all very different yet we all are one. I will always be grateful to her for that and will always remember her exactly as you have described her. Thank you for sharing this with us..........
     1158 days ago 
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Horrible News! AlwaysADiva has passed away. So sad!