The first and most important rule on is BE NICE. Above all BE NICE. This site should be a vacation, an escape, an oasis; a place where everyone can come to relax and have fun and feel welcome and embraced and make new friends. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything. You can block anyone on the site from contacting you and if you ask someone to stop contacting you and they continue to contact you, let me know and we will delete them. No one on this site, men or women, should feel judged or disrespected. If I get multiple complaints about someone or I see ANY rude, judgmental or disrespectful comments, the offender will be deleted from the site forever. I'm not big on second chances. If you're worried a certain comment could get you deleted, DON'T SAY IT! We have zero tolerance for people who aren't nice. So please, BE NICE! Above all, BE NICE! If you enjoy gossiping, judging and/or making snide or rude comments, this is not the site for you. There are lots of other sites that allow that but we are not one of them. You have the right to say and do whatever you want on this site and we have the right delete you if we don't like what you are saying or doing so please memorize the most important rule on BE NICE! Always BE NICE.

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    Always be nice
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