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Hey guys so some of you know me as the girl that always plays and yes I do. Growing up I was told sex is bad and I was ashamed of my body and my sexuality. I grew up and I found out that I enjoy SEX I am not an addict I just really love cumming and I loved being touched til I shake and that has inly happened to me at the parties. 

Sexyxicana17 09.03.2017 3 891
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  •  joeweb1457: 
    Don't be ashamed of your body that's your body and we are all sexually n enjoy it he'll I love cumming and making a lady cum be your self n stay cumming
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  •  socalfunguy: 
    Always want to come by a party. Would love to try and get something going some time!
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  •  DavidD: 
    I haven't been to a party in a min. Not much playing for me (voyeur). It took me a while to accept myself and my ways that's for sure. thanks for sharing!
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Sexyxicana17: I am looking for a place to stay i can afford $600 for rent. Los Angeles area preferred single parent of two children only one at home. Thanks for any help!!!! 19h ago
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