SweetBeach: Anyone interested in a clothing swap? I went to one last year that was amazing but they aren't doing it this year so I'm hosting a small one.
Sancho: What's that beach
Shawnscotts36: Hello out there!
GARNET: clothing swap, basically is where you bring in clothes you want to get rid of, and can pick out clothes someone else brought in.
GARNET: its going to happen December 17th. Have to get a hold of SweetBeach for info.
Clitorrah: What area will it be in?
GARNET: Mira Mesa
joe3103: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
GARNET: My bday ends up on a friday this yr!! FINALLY!!!
14d ago
SDNeal: nice
14d ago
GARNET: bah, haha - JAn 13th is next yr, I was so darn giddy...
13d ago
CC007: Happy Holidays everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving...
12d ago
niceguyforu82: Anyone going to the December 10 party in Mira mesa?
12d ago
pinchanipple: I'm thinking about going. Anyone else?
12d ago
Sancho: Thinking
12d ago
Cherrydarling31: I've never been to a party.. what's it like?
11d ago
joe43: Hello sexy ladies
11d ago
clit_kisser: is this site still poppin?
10d ago
Ejauregui0319: Where's the women who wanna playyyyyyy
10d ago
joe3103: We should go to a party @Chereydarling31
9d ago
GARNET: ugh!! today was hella stressful! I need something to relax!!
9d ago
80Jose: GARNET ,if you want I could play with you kitty lol
9d ago
Ejauregui0319: Hey garnet I emailed you
7d ago
JussDoinMe23: Hopeful, might be at Mira Mesa next week, would love to see more beautiful lady's attend the party
5d ago
pinchanipple: Who's going to Mira Mesa next weekend?
5d ago
JussDoinMe23: I might be there
5d ago
pinchanipple: Cool, Anyone else? Lots of ladies going to party and the men will surely follow!
5d ago
sdlatino4fun: The new Mira Mesa location is really nice, not sure why the women don't go
4d ago
GARNET: Yeah it is totally awesome, too bad its over run with whiny bitchy tgirls!!!
4d ago
Bbwseat: bbW's near LA=SGV wuussssup ūüĎÖ
3d ago
sdlatino4fun: They should get Karla Lane to the Mira Mesa party
3d ago
bbwforu: I've heard the Mira Mesa location is beautiful and real clean. Any advise on this location?
2d ago
bolo73: bbwforu it is a nice location.
2d ago
parker007: So i'll be going to the mira mesa party. 23 years old, black looking to get wrecked! Should be fun.
2d ago
bbwforu: thank you @bolo73
HoneyLips: Going to celebrating my bday in a heated pool on the 17. Message me if you want to join
20h ago
HoneyLips: Its open for all
20h ago
SDNeal: sound like fun honey
19h ago
Laura3632: Honeylips... you know i'll be there!
10h ago
babarackus86: Hey what's up beautiful people.. long time no talk ;-)
5h ago
SweetBeach: Anyone up for a clothing swap?
30m ago
SweetBeach: Is there a way to make the site work on cell phones again?
20m ago
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