j0k3rwld: ^ditto
10d ago
KennyPowerz: @bigblackstar88 I remember, we had fun, maybe next time we can double team in the private room.
10d ago
bigblackstar88: @kennypowerz we had fun indeed. You have a gorgeous wife.
9d ago
bigblackstar88: Ler me know when that next time is. ;-)
9d ago
bigblackstar88: let*
9d ago
Laura3632: **crickets**
6d ago
SexxxySixxx: Hi Laura! Long time no see!!!
5d ago
socalfunguy: Who wants to do a beach day/party!? Would love to make it happen this summer
4d ago
Keno760: Any BBWs in SD wanna cum today, trying to get my mouth wet
4d ago
Lady_Stark: Haven't been to a party in forever 🙄
4d ago
SexxxySixxx: Beach sounds fun! Just bought 3 new bikinis to wear!!!
4d ago
one23notIt: Hello kisses
4d ago
one23notIt: If you're feeling like something new...say hi
4d ago
Sexyxicana17: Who is goin to the party tonight?
3d ago
Triple6: Hey everyone !
3d ago
Sexyxicana17: Hey so I have a proposition to give but I want to real replies no bs
3d ago
Triple6: Okay Sexyxicana , what's the proposition ?
3d ago
Sexyxicana17: I need a place to live with my son I can not afford alot of rent for the room but I can exchange for aex
2d ago
80Jose: For how long did you need a place for Sexyxicana17?
2d ago
Sexyxicana17: At least a couple of months
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Wow! I hope one of these MOFOs steps up out of kindness and not to take advantage of you!!!
2d ago
Sexyxicana17: Thank u sexxxysixxx I wasn't wanting to but my last resort
2d ago
BELIZESSBBW: Been a while....Hello there..I want to have fun in Tarzanaa
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Sexyxicana, you are a woman, and as such, there is always a way!!! Don't ever put your body and your safety out there!!! Besides, hun, you have a child!!! You don't want him seeing that shit!!!
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Guys, which one of you is gonna be a real man, and step up to the plate to help Sexyxicana??? Some of you have been guardian angels and stepped up for me, so let's get some help going for her and her kid!!! I know there's a few good men left here!!!
2d ago
Sexyxicana17: It's ok guys I see no worries
2d ago
tx2cal: i have a empty room but I'm in san Diego
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Yay, Tx2!!!
2d ago
socalfunguy: SexxxySixxx let's figure out a good beach day!
SexxxySixxx: Awesome, Socal!!!
20h ago
vero7778: hey everyone
18h ago
Sexyxicana17: Tx2cal how much?
17h ago
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Hey guys so some of you know me as the girl that always plays and yes I do. Growing up I was told sex is bad and I was ashamed of my body and my sexuality. I grew up and I found out that I enjoy SEX I am not an addict I just really love cumming and I loved
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