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BBW Mira Mesa Party!
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Lady_Stark: Where do I meet friends? At parties. They are a great screening mechanism, eliminating douchenoodles and such.
11h ago
Lady_Stark: And some guys think that BBWs are desperate for cock, when we are just fluffy females, and have standards, too.
11h ago
Laura3632: lmao!!! douchnoodles!!&­excl;­ I love it
11h ago
Laura3632: I like to have a conversation firat..&per­iod;­ that's always nice
11h ago
Laura3632: **first
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: I had some great conversation last night
11h ago
Lady_Stark: me too, and some good hands massaging
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: Im excited for the 13th party
11h ago
Laura3632: I need a massage and nice conversation to go with it
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: Sometimes I hate going to events alone but then sometimes the people you are with can dampen the mood too
11h ago
Laura3632: I don't like going alone either..&pe­riod;­ and I don't know many people
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: I still have not been kissed this year
11h ago
Laura3632: that's sucks!
11h ago
Laura3632: wait now that I think about it neither have i...
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: I have had sex but no kiss
11h ago
Laura3632: how can u do one but not the other?
11h ago
Laura3632: it should be done together
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: Lol not always
11h ago
Laura3632: but then again not many guys know how to kiss..&peri­od;­
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: Some guys you dont wanna kiss
11h ago
Laura3632: oh my goodness yes!!.&p­eriod;­ I agree on that one
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: I dont like kissing smokers or drinkers
11h ago
Laura3632: I don't like kissing smokers either..&pe­riod;­ drinkers..&­period;­ depends
11h ago
MaDameMozelle: I have a dinner date at 7. Theh its down to Imperial Beach if anyone wants to meet me there
11h ago
Laura3632: have fun
11h ago
Rextruck: Looking for new female friends in Encino. Potentially a FWB relationship
10h ago
sennavaatgmaledotcom: Wow, I can't not kiss while having sex. Kissing is all a part of the passion involved.
10h ago
Laura3632: I agree with u senna
9h ago
Lady_Stark: I'm a fan of neck kisses
9h ago
viiper: why would u fuck a guy that u havent kissed??&ques­t;?­
9h ago
Feistyq: Had a blast seeing old friends and meeting new ones last night!!
7h ago
MaDameMozelle: I dont kiss drinkers or smokers. They can eat it and beat it but no kissing 💋
2h ago
dannyboy100978: Lo ve kiss u
1h ago
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Karla Lane 2/12 and Mira Mesa 2/13- Remember to RSVP for Mira Mesa!! - 14 hours ago
1555 Palm Ave in Imperial Beach at 9 tonight meet me there - 19 hours ago
If you can host and want to cum on my tongue, let me know :) - 19 hours ago
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Mardi Gras bound =) - Yesterday
Liking this site more and more thanks you know who :) - 2 days ago
are the bbw parties worth going to?Ratio-wise?or is it just a handful of ladies being followed around by a bunch of aggresssive guys? - 2 days ago
love me tender love me sweet, wrap your lips around my meat, see me smile see me grin watch my love run down your chin... - 2 days ago
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Going to broadcast again soon...Was thinking Tuesday or Wednesday night....Any input?
Lady_Stark 21.11.2015 4
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