MrD_909: I would love to go to a meet and greet during the weekend! Especially since I work and live in the IE, so it would be kinda hard to drive to LA during the week
2d ago
MrD_909: Damn it, I saw Taco Tuesday now all I want is tacos and a brother trying to drop some lbs
2d ago
SexxxySixxx: Neal, I wanna go to a weekend Padre or Charger game!!!
SexxxySixxx: Hi Sancho!
Sancho: Hello
SexxxySixxx: Laura, I'd love to carpool with ya!
SexxxySixxx: What up, Sancho?
Laura3632: Hey sixxx... would be cool hopefully it can be arranged
Sancho: Just bored here in ad
Sancho: Sd
Yellowmamba: would love to go!
Lady_Stark: ok will try to find a fun cheap spot for us
23h ago
21h ago
GARNET: no plans for today, and I am bored!!
21h ago
Laura3632: Too bad noone has an available house to have a meet and greet "party"
21h ago
GARNET: I know right?!
21h ago
spunkasaurus: Too frustrated to work..
18h ago
GARNET: lol too hot to want to be in the house, but no where cooled off to go
18h ago
juanjz87: Hi garnet
18h ago
juanjz87: So what up to
18h ago
GARNET: hello
18h ago
GARNET: sitting naked in front of my fan!!!
18h ago
juanjz87: I wanna see
18h ago
j0k3rwld: best way to beat the heat
17h ago
juanjz87: Garnet invite me to your camera
17h ago
GARNET: lol ah no
17h ago
juanjz87: Why not I'm your fan
17h ago
17h ago
GARNET: I dont get on webcam
17h ago
GARNET: omg, if I had a way t Thads, I would go! And jump in the pool!!
17h ago
kenho: Hey I'm producing/hosting a free comedy show on 09/16 at Wyndham Santa Fe Grille and Bar. I've got 4 great comedians and myself. It's a low-key spot with great prices and food. How about a little meet and greet there?
17h ago
SDNeal: Sixx ok ill let you know next home game starts labor day not sure if there will be a weekend game that series
15h ago
Chri5104: Anyone ever looking to play in Valencia?
9h ago
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It has been almost a month since I moved up here to Fallon and so far it has been a really good choice. Since I moved here, I have felt such a weight lifted off of me because I was drowning in Southern California from worries about living situations, job s
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Life is Great at 58 Even though I'm all alone At least I still have some Friends That call me on the phone No woman in my life No kissing hugs or sex At least I have masturbation For now it is the Best So much Stamina I don't know what to do Only Rosie kno
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