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Its been too long
10 hours ago
Thankful for sexy curves
14 hours ago
Wishing everyone safe holidays.
19 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Where are all my cheffies??? Who\'s bringing me pumpkin pie, mashed taters, and a bottle of DiSaronno?
2 days ago
Will the ever be an i.e. party?
2 days ago
Good Day Kisses!! Free for a bit today to host some sexy good company or couple for a pleasant afternoon, massage, or more... may trvl ltr [email protected] if u want to touch lol.
2 days ago
What it do baby boos? long time ;) kik osho714
2 days ago
Anyone going to the pizza party tomorrow?
3 days ago
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Going to broadcast again soon...Was thinking Tuesday or Wednesday night....Any input?
Lady_Stark · 5 days ago

Check your spam folder. Then, check your email address.  Yahoo is blocking our emails, and there's not much we can do for a quick fix.  However, Gmail addresses are FREE, and work just fine.
Lady_Stark · 35 days ago

Well, crashed. And HARD. A lot of pictures and videos are gone, and some people are having to rejoin.  That is the bad news. The good news is, Ronnie has decided, for the next 30 days, everyone who joins BBWKisses, or is already a member of B
Lady_Stark · 48 days ago
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17.11.2015 04:45
Posted by qswtbt
Hi Sexxxy love
17.11.2015 11:49
Posted by Isaac
hey sexxxy i know when im i gonna see u
17.11.2015 23:07
Posted by Lady_Stark
Grilled cheese sandwiches and broccoli cheese soup- great cold weather yumminess
17.11.2015 23:08
Posted by Lady_Stark
Then some nice cozy cuddlefucking
18.11.2015 15:05
Posted by admin
12 girls at the pizza party now!
18.11.2015 15:29
Posted by DavidD
Anyone wanna get msg me if u would like to go.
18.11.2015 19:05
Posted by tzzn
In Downtown LA. Who's around?
19.11.2015 02:53
Posted by qswtbt
Hi all
19.11.2015 04:23
Posted by Charlie_Bronson
20.11.2015 23:24
Posted by Charlie_Bronson
Who all is going to SD this weekend?
21.11.2015 20:01
Posted by admin
2 parties tonight~which will you cum to?
21.11.2015 20:05
Posted by tzzn
Chaning my name to "Ghost"... the site never shows me as online!
21.11.2015 21:16
Posted by Lady_Stark
Click your name in the lower left corner to make sure that you have the proper status
22.11.2015 01:06
Posted by tzzn
It always shows green/online, but sometimes I still apppear to be missing... crazy glitch I guess...
22.11.2015 01:17
Posted by Lady_Stark
poke poke...yep, you're here.
22.11.2015 02:57
Posted by irieluv143
hey everyone
22.11.2015 17:24
Posted by admin
No party Thanksgiving, but come escape the relatives Friday night in LA!
24.11.2015 01:04
Posted by admin
Venus D'Lite from Rupaul's Drag Race is appearing Friday night!
24.11.2015 19:17
Posted by Isaac
wheres all the ladies and couples lets have some fun together message me
24.11.2015 22:26
Posted by admin
Pizza party Wednesday 12-5- Take a lunch/sex break with us!
25.11.2015 18:19
Posted by SexxxySixxx
I'm right here, Isaac!!! LOL
25.11.2015 18:21
Posted by SexxxySixxx
Who's bringing me mashed taters and pumpkin pie???
25.11.2015 20:36
Posted by Sdcaguy
I'll get you pumpkin pie sixxx!
25.11.2015 22:40
Posted by Isaac
lol. lets start what we didnt finish then sexxxy sixxx
26.11.2015 02:39
Posted by spunkasaurus
Hope everyone gets their holiday stuffing!
26.11.2015 14:09
Posted by MaDameMozelle2
I been away for way too long. Need new playmates
26.11.2015 14:11
Posted by MaDameMozelle2
Looking for Humpday house party?
26.11.2015 14:20
Posted by Sdcaguy
Hump day house party sounds great ^
26.11.2015 20:47
Posted by Mrsandiego
Happy turkey day people
26.11.2015 22:49
Posted by SexxxySixxx
pumpkin pie! yum!
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Why? I'm an artist I love to draw/paint
3 days ago 0 comments Categories: Women Seeking Women Tags: art sexy beautiful older younger 
If you wanna see what I'm capable of before you send me any pictures just ask. Looking for some nude women to draw. It's just a hobby. I love women's bodies. Bbw thick thin old or young.I'll show you...
Why? I'm an artist I love to draw/paint
3 days ago 0 comments Categories: Women Seeking Women Tags: art sexy beautiful older younger 
If you wanna see what I'm capable of before you send me any pictures just ask. Looking for some nude women to draw. It's just a hobby. I love women's bodies. Bbw thick thin old or young.I'll show you...
Why? To enjoy life while im here!
52 days ago 1 comments Categories: Men Seeking Women Tags: #hangout #nightowl #singleman 
Im a barber by day, change for what sporting event or concert takes place at staples center. Energetic, down to earth, love to keep u laughin type of scorpio, down for the cause, AS LONG AS IM HAVIN A...
817 days ago 0 comments Categories: Men Seeking Women Tags: latin seeking bbw 
I am seeking an outgoing open minded BBW for more than just FWB but not entirely exclusive!! I am single and drama free. Educated. Have a job and work and free nost weekends!!! Looking to spend some q...
818 days ago 3 comments Categories: Everything Else Tags: entertainment bbw waitress stripper is throwing a "members appreciation" party for a very select group of our website memnbers.   We are seekining 15 adult entertainers of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds for a 4 ...
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