Charli8e: Hi. Any girl looking to hang out tonight!
Charli8e: My kik username is: charli8e
Charli8e: I'm in the san fernando valley
Ericxxx: Any bbws attending tonights party?
joe3103: Any bbw want to get pleasured orally? Let me know
14d ago
Sexyxicana17: Hey can i get a ride
14d ago
Ericxxx: Sexyxicana17 where are you?
14d ago
Sexyxicana17: In east la
14d ago
Charli8e: I might attend my first party tonight
14d ago
Ericxxx: Sorry im in valley
14d ago
Charli8e: I stay in the valley, but i could probably give you a ride if i go.
14d ago
Xiskingd: Is anyone still going on this rainy day?
14d ago
sirhc1982: see you guys and gals at the party
14d ago
Laura3632: Anxiously waiting for the 24th... 🤗
11d ago
HoneyLips: Gary and Margaret's... Testing, testing,...G&Ms...😂
11d ago
GARNET: wish I could make a trip back up there again. I loved it there!!
11d ago
straddleme: Happy vagina day!!!!! And Valentine's day
10d ago
one23notIt: Hello kisses
9d ago
j0k3rwld: so is G&M that good? HoneyLips and Laura just keep talking about it. got me interested
9d ago
HoneyLips: Yes
8d ago
Laura3632: j0k3rwld... i have fun... a relaxing atmosphere
8d ago
NakedJedi: Anyone wanna hang out tomorrow?
7d ago
Bowler23: How is everyone doing with all this rain here in California
7d ago
Sexyxicana17: Wet!!!!!
6d ago
Bowler23: That's a good thing if your all wet right sexyxicana17. Lol
6d ago
makeyatoescurl: Can't wait for open toe season to come back. Wonder who has pretty feet on this site
5d ago
Sancho: Wya
4d ago
makeyatoescurl: I should be eating pussy right now
4d ago
joe3103: Any female interested in getting eaten out?
3d ago
GARNET: gah my hair is drivin me nuts! I need it trimmed!!
3d ago
Pacifico: Send me a message to chat.
3d ago
Bowler23: Any girls want to message me on Kik my screen name is bowler23_99
3d ago
Sexyxicana17: Horny need a face to sit on
2d ago
ervetguy: Anyone want to meet up for some drinks? Message me. I buy of course
2d ago
VanHellsinger: Sexyxicana17, hit me up on kik VanStrigoi
2d ago
jasonlast19888: anyone in van nuys?
thePersian: Need a mature Latina for long term FWB
Lady_Stark: Brrr. Cold. Snuggling in 3...2...1.
18h ago
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Really excited about meeting new people on Saturday. - 2 hours ago
Back in Cali! Really want to finally attend the next BBW party. Any takers? - Yesterday
Need some loving ladies ? It's okay, don't be too shy for me ;) I'm only here for the same reason! - 2 days ago
Thankful for the rain. Now time to work on some new tunes. - 6 days ago
What happened to the pool party's in spring valley can.? - 11 days ago
Gary and Margaret's on 25th - 11 days ago
G-Ms - 11 days ago
Okay so tonight is the night who is ready? - 10.02.2017
I'm up bored I am looking for a BBW in my area - 10.02.2017
my KIK n420sd - 08.02.2017
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I have the night off! But absolutely nothing to do
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NerdiZombie changed her profile status message 
Really excited about meeting new people on Saturday.
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Watching UFC 153. Great party last night and not my last:-)
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pinchanipple commented on a profile
No more parties in Spring Valley (i know, very sad about it too) but Thad's is still around...
14 hours ago 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
NerdiZombie added new avatar
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