DavidD: Time to get the party started
13d ago
mrs_ss: Hey
12d ago
Scott89: I wish it was more active with women here
12d ago
Aaron90935: Hey ladies kik anytime aaron95130
11d ago
Cherrydarling31: I need a hug and a cold beer lol
11d ago
Lacey_Leather818: Cherry if you lived near the valley you could come hang out with me and have a beer
11d ago
sdlatino4fun: Cherrt, come out to Ocean Beach!
10d ago
Shawnscotts36: Seeking play date
10d ago
sirhc1982: hey Shawnscotts36 do you play xbox? we can play call of duty
10d ago
SoCal: This used to be a very active site, not so much anymore, what happened?
10d ago
Iriegurl143: Alot of Stuck up females and males lol
9d ago
socalfunguy: Any ladies want to watch march madness?
9d ago
Lacey_Leather818: Not sure if stuck up is a good term, picky, choosy, busy, maybe. Everyone has there reasons ;)
9d ago
sirhc1982: guys come on here, flash some dick pics and expect panties to drop
9d ago
NerdiZombie: I'm a fan of being selective. It creates an economy for attention and the quality of conversation.
8d ago
sirhc1982: me like conversation with the letters and words
8d ago
NerdiZombie: Brain turned on > lust
8d ago
geekJ: We think alike!ūüėČ
8d ago
sirhc1982: brain good when on...tasty
8d ago
joeweb1457: anyone going to the party on Friday
8d ago
Papi818: Damn aint no one interested in a 22 year old latino here
7d ago
SweetBeach: Hello
6d ago
joeweb1457: hello ppl
6d ago
SweetBeach: How do you change a profile picture using an iPhone? Thanks
6d ago
Sexyxicana17: Sirhc1982 u are funny I like that
5d ago
SexxxySixxx: In Anaheim this week...HMU!!!
5d ago
sirhc1982: i hope everyone is having a good weekend!
5d ago
GARNET: Thads tonight!! Woot!! Omg, I need the jacuzzi!!!
5d ago
Hornylatino: Hey six hows it going
4d ago
Hornylatino: Where in anahiem six?
4d ago
sdlatino4fun: Garnet, how was thads?
4d ago
GARNET: It was awesome!! I needed the jacuzzi time!! :) Sole purpose of going there!
4d ago
socalfunguy: Anybody in LA want to watch the Final Four Saturday?
4d ago
bigfern619: i just wanna fuck all u gorgeous bbw' muah
3d ago
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Hey guys so some of you know me as the girl that always plays and yes I do. Growing up I was told sex is bad and I was ashamed of my body and my sexuality. I grew up and I found out that I enjoy SEX I am not an addict I just really love cumming and I loved
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Ever been so horny that you needed to feel the length of hard throbbing cock pumping inside of your to some rhythmic pace?  Ever been so horny that you needed two?  Maybe, not two at the same time -- although that is always a nice invitation -- but definit
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Mark was my first cross-dressing/ transgender exploration.  He identified himself as a bisexual cross-dressing transgender individual.  Neatly put, he enjoyed wearing women's clothes and got off on it regardless if he was with a man or with a woman.  Okay,
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